As your business grows and changes, you adapt, right? And as people’s buying habits also change, you adapt to them, right?
Shouldn’t your website change along with them – as quickly and easily as possible?

The WEB ROI Process is a proven method designed to deliver more high-quality leads; day-after-day, year-after-year. Because that’s how you get the biggest bang for your digital marketing buck.

The 6-step WEB ROI Process


It all starts with a friendly, no obligation conversation. That’s where you tell us:


Your business goals

How has your business grown over the years and where would you like to take it next?

Your target audience

Who do you want to do business with and why?

Your frustrations

What don’t you like about your current marketing? Why do you feel your business isn’t growing like it should? What message do you struggle to communicate?

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Internet Business Analysis (IBA™)

Did you know there are over 50 individual elements that determine how impactful your website and digital marketing is?

A lot of these things you can’t see (like HTML and privacy codes). But they’re all vital and can make the difference between who gets found first: You or your competition.

Your website is measured against the top 5 competitors of your choosing on all those metrics such as:


Design and technology

How easy is it for people to use your website vs. the competition?


Can people find your site quickly from things like SEO, PPC & social media?


Who updates their website more frequently: You or your competitor’s?

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The pieces of your website and digital marketing strategy now come together:



The keywords that resonate with people and search engines like Google.


Important images, graphics, logos and words you want people to see and read.


Your website comes to life using modern design trends and web building technologies.

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Once you’ve signed off on everything, it’s time to bring your website to life:


Quality testing

Before your site is live, it undergoes a thorough quality assurance process.


Activating your site and its digital marketing campaigns smoothly.

More quality testing

More testing to ensure it delivers an easy-to-use experience for people.

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Your website is live and now you become part of our Digital Marketing Partner Program (DMPP) which:



How’s your website performing? How are people reacting to it?


What do the underlying numbers (traffic, clicks, etc.) say about your website?


As Google is always changing, what does your website need to keep up?

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Manage Results

With lots of data available, here’s how you can make smarter website decisions:


Monthly reports that avoid tech-talk and get right to the point about your website.


Ideas to keep your business website ahead of your top competition.


Ensuring your recommendations are put in place efficiently.

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“Our business growth can be directly attributed to the hard work, smarts and website savvy that WEB ROI staff have displayed.”
– Dan R., client since 2014

Award-Winning, Results-Driving Case Studies

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