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Conference Speakers that Make a Mark

Our Marketing Experts Amp Up the Knowledge

Looking for a way to kick your event into overdrive and have your guests sitting at the edge of their seats? Our marketing keynote speakers do just that. Thanks to our dynamic, multi-industry work in various niche sectors, our digital marketing speakers have the real-world experience and adaptability to tailor their presentation to engage your unique audience and ensure a powerful and successful event.

Our accomplished keynote speakers are passionate about marketing and would love to educate and motivate your guests on the marketing topics that will drive results. Our digital marketing experts have the know-how and delivery to engage and inform your guests whether you’re hosting a conference, association event, tradeshow, workshop, lunch and learn, webinar, or more.

Custom Marketing Topics

With such broad expertise, we’ll work with you to pick and choose the topics that are right for your audience and industry. Our areas of expertise include strategy and execution around:

We’ll create a customized presentation just for your group that’s a perfect fit for your audience and goals. Whether you’d like to book a meeting speaker as a value add for your organization’s members or educate business owners on the latest marketing trends, including a digital marketing expert is a surefire way to drive your next event forward.

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Do More with a Marketing Conference Speaker

Let’s be honest – running an event is difficult, and running a business or organization is even harder. Without effective marketing strategies in place, even the best products and services are bound for last place in today’s competitive market. That’s why it’s beneficial for teams to build an understanding of marketing concepts and how they act to accelerate a business’ success.

Introducing a marketing speaker to your next event allows you to inform your audience about relevant information while keeping them engaged. When individuals grasp the value of branding and marketing and what it adds to a business, they can then complete their work in a way that’s conducive to a company or organization’s overarching goals.

Help us help you to navigate the world of marketing. Our keynote speakers enjoy speaking at:

  • Professional trade organization meetings
  • Corporate retreats
  • Training seminars
  • Company banquets
  • Chamber of Commerce events
  • Lunch and learns
  • Association-sponsored conferences

Provide actual value to your audience at your next event. With marketing playing such a significant role in today’s competitive market, educating these business owners will help them speed past the competition on the road to success.

About Our Speakers

Denise Gervais
Human Resources Manager

Frustrated by all the digital marketing information out there? Denise Gervais has been speaking to business owners around the world for years – in a way that turns confusing technology jargon into terminology that demonstrates actual business impact. Co-founder of WEB ROI, she and the team have been helping businesses Win the Race Online since 2005.

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