WSI Expands Staff to Better Serve Customers

WSI is pleased to announce the addition of Linda Hayes to our staff.  Linda is our new administrative assistant and will also be assisting Sylvia with client queries.  Linda is excited to join the team and eager to help serve our clients.

WSI Administrative AssistantOver the past few years WSI has grown substantially and with our influx of new business we continue to strive to ensure that our customer service remains exceptional.

In order to better direct your phone calls and provide a more personal customer service experience WSI will no longer be using a phone service and instead Linda will be answering and directing client phone calls personally.

We hope this personal touch will improve our client’s overall experience.

With the number of clients increasing Sylvia has been extremely busy as the main contact for each, not only performing her project management duties but also conducting all customer support and answering all client queries.

Sylvia has been doing an exceptional job but we hope that with Linda assisting her Sylvia will be able to devote more time to her primary role of project manager/senior designer.

WSI would like to extend a warm welcome to Linda and are pleased to expand our team with the goal of providing our clients with the best service possible.