Where’s Your Phone Number?

Posted on: 11-05-2016 by WEB-ROI

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Years ago, Spokal did a study about contact phone numbers being displayed on websites.

Go ahead and guess at how many small business websites (contractor, retail or B2B sites) don’t have a phone number on them.

We’ll wait…

Okay, ready?


More than half of all small business websites don’t feature a phone number.

It’s crazy when you think about it.

Why would 60% of small business sites not want their customers to be able to pick up the phone and call them?

There are four main reasons why a website doesn’t have an easy-to-spot phone number:

    1. It was overlooked or forgotten: The most obvious answer is that it just wasn’t added when the site was designed or built. It happens.
    2. They’d prefer customers to fill a form: Contact us forms are great sources of customer information. But some customers would much rather talk to someone instead.
    3. Not enough staff to handle calls: If a business has a small staff, it’s easier to respond to emails at their own convenience vs. taking real-time calls.
    4. They worry it’ll become a customer service or complaint hotline: Instead of taking legitimate business queries, having a phone number just invites time-consuming customer calls.

Taken on their own, these reasons seem logical enough. But they’ll end up doing more harm than good for one big reason.

No trust

No phone number = no customer trust

Wouldn’t any business (whether it’s eCommerce, home improvement or something else) want to attract new business via the telephone?

Don’t they want to talk to their customers?

No? Why?

By not having a phone number on their website, the 60% of small businesses mentioned in that Spokal study are telling people three things:

    • They’re just hard to reach: No matter how busy, swamped or slammed a business is, there’s no excuse to be difficult to talk to. Unless there’s no phone number, of course.
    • They have something to hide: The telephone is the easiest way for prospective new customers to reach a company. Why is it so difficult? What don’t they want me to know?
    • They don’t want to talk to them: Some business owners just aren’t interested in talking to people. Why that is, we can’t say. But it’s true.

People like having the option of a phone number

In 2016, more customers are comfortable with using a contact us form or live chat option.

But the form has yet to take the place of the telephone when it comes to getting new leads.

Here at WEB ROI, our experience tells us that our clients’ websites get triple the amount of phone calls as they do submitted forms.

For all the ways people can interact with a business, including:

The good ol’ telephone is the tried and true method which still delivers.

Visible phone number

What can you do?

If your phone number isn’t on your website, get it up there, stat!

And if it’s already on your website, make it even more visible.

Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Put it in the top right-hand corner of your website: People read left-to-right and that’s where they expect to see it.
  • Place it on EVERY page of your site: Not just your contact us page. Not just your about us page. Everywhere.
  • Make it clickable for mobile: in 2015, Google confirmed more people search on mobile than desktop. A clickable phone number makes it easier for people to reach you.

Let us help

If your current website won’t allow you to easily add your phone number, then it may need a refresh or redesign.

To start, you can call us (we won’t make you scroll back up) at 1-877-7-WEBROI or schedule a FREE call with our internet marketing experts.

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