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What to Consider When Creating an Internet Marketing Campaign Budget

Internet marketing in Canada is currently at a high.  According to a survey of marketers by Cossette total ad spending in Canada will reach $11.55 billion in 2010 and rise to $13.50 billion through 2014.

This survey also concluded that 62% of companies said 2010 would be a good year to invest in online marketing and at least 40% of those surveyed followed through by increasing their spending.

When it comes to how the online marketing budget is being allocated, it seems that social media is not getting a large slice of the pie, despite its popularity.  Social media budgets could remain low because of:

  • Concerns with ROI (return on investment)
  • An uncertainty as to the value of social media
  • Analytic problems - an inability to judge the success of social media campaigns


Analytics and ROI are overwhelmingly the single biggest problems in the way of social media efforts.  However, integration with other marketing channels is also a challenge.  Most companies are able to integrate email and social media successfully and a large majority of email marketers incorporate social elements in their email campaigns.

However, fewer are successful with search engine optimization (SEO), which relies heavily on other factors such as social media. However, integrating SEO and social media only makes sense considering that SEO naturally fits with social media as the two methods naturally help each other.

Ultimately, when funding your internet marketing campaign it is important to dedicate the right percentage of your budget to the right strategies.  Certainly social media, SEO and email campaigns should be considered and budgeted for accordingly.

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