We Need to Talk About Self-Care For Working At Home…It’s Important

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We Need to Talk About Self-Care For Working At Home

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is the practice of taking action to improve your own health, well-being and happiness.  

In simple terms, it is checking in with yourself, making sure you are okay while giving yourself grace and compassion.  

Why is Self-Care Important? 

Everyone has their own method when it comes to working from home, but when working remotely it is important to make the distinction between personal life and work life.  

The transition from an office to working at home is challenging and it can be easy to slip into bad habits when spending all day at home. It is okay to have this happen, in fact, it happens to most people who make the transition. When there aren’t people around to make conversation with it can be challenging which is why it is so important to stay connected with your teammates in any way you can. Companies have now set time out during the week to socialize with your co-workers. This is an added step to self-care, stay connected to your workplace.   

How to Practice Self-Care 101

In order to work efficiently and to take good care of yourself, there are a few things experts recommend doing 

  1. Get into a routine 
  2. Set boundaries between your work and home 
  3. Make time for your lunch break  
  4. Make time for breaks in your schedule  
  5. Have a clock in and clock out time 

Get into a Routine 

Having a routine is very important whether you are working from home or in the office. Wake up at the same time every day, workout, have your breakfast, maybe catch up on a tv show or the news and then you’re off to work. Following a simple morning routine makes you not only feel energized but also more organized going into the workday. You will get a sense of accomplishment with what you have achieved before work has even started.  

Set Boundaries Between Your Work and Home 

When working from home, it can be easy to work well into the evening.  In order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, put clear boundaries into place so that there is a distinction between your work hours and the time you need for yourself.  

A perfect way to set some boundaries is to have a distinct place where you work, something that makes it feel separated from the rest of your house. Have a desk set up with everything you would have at work there. Don’t work from your bed or couch, try to stay at your desk in your designated work area. This will allow you to differentiate work and leisure.  

Make Time For your Lunch Break 

Carve out time for your lunch as a well-deserved break. Step away from your designated work area, head outside for some fresh air, make yourself a great lunch or just do some simple stretching. You’ll start to notice that you’ll feel more motivated in the afternoon if you implement this into your day.  

Make Time for Breaks in Your Schedule 

Making to-do-lists are great but makes one that has breaks scheduled into it.  Taking breaks throughout the day is crucial to not only the success of your projects but to your well-being. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious, take a break, go for a walk, get some fresh air and start new. Even if you don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed take a break anyways. 

Stretching is a great way to take a break and take care of your body. Sitting around working for long periods of time can take a toll on you so stretching is always a good technique for breaks.  

Have a Clock out Time

In order to avoid overworking yourself, it’s great to have routines set in place. Clock in and out at the same time every day“commuting home” is an essential part of your day. This is when you close your work email, change into your sweatpants and start cooking your dinner. It all comes down to routinely especially since it’s so easy to work well into the evening when you don’t have to leave your house. Know when to quit for the day to be successful in your work-life balance habits 

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