Three Effective Google Ad Strategies for Your B2B Marketing

Updated on: 18-02-2022 by WEB-ROI

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PPC campaigns for B2B marketing are rich in potential value, though only when executed properly. B2B targeting involves a bit more nuance than B2C, so ensuring that you’re employing the correct approach is crucial if you’re looking to avoid spinning your wheels. 

Whether you’re looking to generate leads within your specific locale or are interested in businesses based all around Canada and beyond, these three tips will help you to fine-tune your B2B PPC marketing with Google Ads. 

1. Employ Negative Keywords 

Negative keywords allow you to exclude specific search terms from your campaign so that you avoid attracting traffic that doesn’t pertain to your business. Let’s say you’re a Toronto landscaper targeting building managers. You’ll want to utilize negative keywords for terms like “lawn maintenance for my home” and any other similar yet irrelevant searches that your ads could otherwise attract. 

You can also use negative keywords to avoid unqualified traffic from users who aren’t looking to buy. Consider employing negative keywords for terms like “free,” “used,” and “Craigslist,” as those searchers likely aren’t ready to purchase from your business. Similarly, you might want to exclude search terms like “hiring,” “intern,” and “careers,” since attracting job seekers is not conducive to your Google Ads campaign goal.  

Utilizing negative keywords is important because it prevents you from wasting money on clicks that won’t yield results. In a PPC campaign, every click counts, and you want to avoid emptying your tank with nothing to show for it.  

2. Avoid Consumer Clicks 

You’re investing in B2B marketing, so obviously, you’re interested in attracting other businesses as clientele. This means that when your ads appeal to individual consumers, you pay for those clicks without generating qualified leads. 

Make it clear in your advertisements that you’re offering a B2B product or service. Clarifying your ads in this way is a great technique to help you cut losses and accelerate your ad campaign! Avoid unnecessarily paying for irrelevant clicks, and instead, home in on your target audience: other businesses. 

3. Challenge Your Competitor’s Keywords 

Your competitors are your competitors because you’re vying for largely the same target audience and prospective consumers. Therefore, including your competitors’ audiences in your Google Ads campaign is a good strategy to generate more qualified leads for your business. 

Target your competitors’ keywords, or even use their brand name. Let’s say your biggest competition is a local company, titled “Company X Waterloo.” You can target your ads to the search term “Company X Waterloo alternative” to get noticed by clients looking for similar offerings with competitive pricing.  

While it’s true that you’re not allowed to use your competitor’s brand names in your ad copy (if you do, your ad will likely be removed), you are allowed to bid on their brand names. Use this technique to help your business gain traction and leave your competitors in the dust! 

Creating a strategic B2B marketing campaign using Google Ads is a worthwhile endeavour, even if it can be challenging to navigate at times. If you need guidance or would like to kick your campaign up a gear, contact the experts at WEB ROI. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to guide you on the road to success. 

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