There’s No Such Thing as a Boring Industry – Only Boring Content

Homer is Bored

Once at WEB ROI, a client who runs a self-storage business came in for their annual review.

After going over things like search engine optimization (SEO) performance and measuring overall results, the discussion shifted to content

That’s when the client leaned in, and said something to the effect of:

I work in self-storage. It’s boring. Nobody’s going to read anything I put out. I can’t believe anyone does read blogs about self-storage. Who reads stuff about self-storage?

And another client – a landscape supplier – recently said:

One on hand, I feel sorry for your content writer because all he writes about is topsoil. On the other hand, I am absolutely amazed he comes up with what he does. It’s friggin’ TOPSOIL!

We hear it all the time. People believe their industry is sooooo uninteresting, there’s no sense to invest in content marketing.

Well, how can this be put delicately? That’s bloody wrong.

Every company – whether it’s self-storage, landscape supplies, or shower curtain rings – has great stories to tell about it, the products or services they offer, and the people they serve.

If something is helpful, it cannot be boring

Let’s use the self-storage client mentioned at the beginning of this blog as an example.

Now, he might think the following content topics are boring and lame:

  • How to prepare your belongings for self-storage.
  • Storage mistakes to avoid while you’re moving.
  • Can you write off your storage unit at tax time?

And actually, they are dull because he’s not looking for a self-storage unit.

However, if somebody was in the market for a storage rental, those topics (and others) would be very interesting, timely, and relevant.

Content isn’t boring to people that need it. On the contrary, they’ll find it extremely helpful.

  • THE BOTTOM LINE….As long as your content is educational; there will be an audience for it even if it’s something mundane like “Should you rent two smaller units or one large one?”

Your content should sound human…just like you

Let’s say you’re giving someone directions to reach your business location. When they reach a stop sign, you want them to turn right.

You could say:

Robot content writer

Please bring your vehicle to a speed not exceeding zero miles per hour at this coordinate in space and time as there is other vehicular traffic moving in a direction perpendicular to your own and may intersect with your vehicle’s current trajectory. At the instance where the space and time coordinates you currently occupy are unimpeded, proceed to alter your vehicle’s route by executing a right-hand turn manoeuver. (The first sentence in this quote comes from Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan).

Or you could say:

Turn right at the stop sign.

When content is easy to read and understand, it becomes interesting.

When it sounds like it was written by someone who swallowed a thesaurus, it gets boring and useless real quick.

Here’s another way to look at it: Stephen Hawking is one the greatest minds the world will ever see. His intelligence is off the charts.

He’s written essays on the most complex and challenging astronomical problems and theories.

Yet, his most popular book is A Brief History of Time because he wrote it for people like you and I; easy to read and not intimidating at all.

In fact, the story goes that Hawking’s publisher told him for every scientific equation he left in the book; he would lose 50% of his readers. So he removed all of them except one: E=mc2.

  • THE BOTTOM LINE….Simple is always better. Trying to make your business sound like something it’s not will make your content seem boring and alienate the people you’re trying to reach.

Use analogies to make your point

Sometimes, you need more than a quick little social media post to get your message across.

In those instances, you want to relate your content to a real-world scenario people can imagine themselves in and understand.

Movie sign

Case in point:

Whenever WEB ROI discusses content marketing with potential clients, inevitably the same question comes up:

Why do I need content marketing?

Now, we could show them things like:

  • Charts.
  • Graphs.
  • Statistical data highlighting when websites have a solid content strategy in place, they perform better than those who don’t.

But that’s…boring.

If digital marketing isn’t a passion of yours, you’re not interested in hearing about things like bounce rates and click paths.

What if content marketing was explained using something everyone can relate to: Going to the movies.

In short:

  • A website is like a theatre and the content is the movie being shown. When that movie first comes out, everybody wants to check it out.
  • However, if that theatre doesn’t show different movies (aka fresh content), people stop visiting it. There’s no point in going back when there’s nothing new to see.
  • Instead, people will check out a theatre which is always adding new movies to see (aka your competitor who is always updating their website).

Most people go to the movies, right? Most people don’t go see the same movie again and again, right?

This analogy takes something that’s a bit hard to explain and makes it into something which everyone can understand.

(Oh, feel free to use this analogy if you’re trying to convince your manager to invest in content marketing).

  • THE BOTTOM LINE…There’s always a real-world equivalent to a complex topic which anyone can relate to. When you find out what it is, you’re on your way to developing winning content.

Make boring content a thing of the past with WEB ROI

Look, we get it. You manufacture shoelace nibs and think it’s as dull as dishwater.

But there are people who are interested in what your business is all about.

When you find a creative way to tell your story, they’ll:

  • Notice it.
  • Appreciate it.
  • Share it with others who have the same interest.

And eventually….they’ll contact YOU when it’s time to place an order.

Ready to transform your idea of content from boring to bodacious?

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