The Connection Between Social Media & SEO (Infographic)

Way back in the early days of search engine optimization, it was all about the keywords (and to an extent, it still is).

Today, though, many factors can influence and boost your SEO rankings:

The first item on that list – social media – is incredibly important.

After all, your customers (and potential customers) are expecting you not just to be on social media, but to be actively engaged too.

And having a strong social media presence can help with your SEO efforts, as the latest WEB ROI infographic explains (click on the image to view a larger version).

Social Media and SEO


Social media & search engine optimization. Two must-haves for your digital marketing

Don’t have a strong social media presence?

Not getting enough from your SEO program?

Together, a strong social media presence – along with well-optimized search engine optimization – can give your website additional visibility to the people who want to find and interact with you.

If one or the other (or both) aren’t up to snuff, it’s time to change that. Right now.

To start, you can:

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