Top Techniques and Tips to Make Your Website Accessible

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Our world is evolving to become more accessible, online matters included. Web accessibility is a must for any business looking to optimize their online presence, removing unnecessary roadblocks for differently-abled users, in turn allowing you to reach significantly more consumers. 

You may be asking yourself, "how do I make my website accessible?" - look no further than this compilation of crucial web accessibility tips. Businesses in Toronto, around Canada, and beyond can benefit from these simple tips and techniques for building an accessible website. Together, we can speed forward on the path to success and inclusivity. 

1. Include Alt Text on Images  

Pictures and infographics are valuable tools that should be used within your web content – but how does this impact users with visual impairment? Alt-text is how you can describe your visual content to blind or low-vision users, allowing them to experience the full breadth of your content without missing out. Alt text doesn't show on your website to the average viewer but can be read by screen-reading technology designed for the visually impaired. 

Not to mention, adding descriptive alt text can do wonders for your SEO!

2. Design with Visual Elements in Mind 

Besides including alt text on images, designing your website with visual accessibility in mind is helpful for users of all abilities. Have you chosen a font that's simple to understand? Think about the colours you decide to use and their contrast with one another – is your content easily readable, or will it cause problems for those struggling with their eyesight? Is your colour scheme an eyesore for even those users with 20/20 vision? 

To add, including elements in your web design that allow users to change the font size of text – without destroying your page layout – is highly beneficial in helping users of all ages and all abilities to access your content.  

These simple considerations help you make the most impact with your web content and reach the highest number of viewers. You could have the greatest content in the world, but if your prospective consumers can't access or understand it, you're spinning your wheels without getting anywhere! 

Looking to develop a more accessible website? Good choice. Contact our team of experts today to get started. 

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3. Provide Audio Description for Video Content 

Just as visually impaired users benefit from thoughtful web design, so too do those with auditory concerns. Video content is a great way to diversify your content and add depth to your website but think about how this new form of delivering information affects the accessibility for those with differing hearing abilities. 

Closed captions provide text for auditory content so that users with hearing difficulties have exactly the same access to information. Audio description takes captioning one step further by not only dictating the script of a video but by describing the visuals and actions as well – this can be read by screen-reading technologies so that your video content is accessible to the visually impaired as well. 

4. Create Descriptive URLs 

URLs are often the first thing read by screen readers, so ensuring that they accurately describe the information included in the page, and the page's location within your website, is crucial. URLs act as road signs that help the visually impaired navigate your website quickly and avoid taking unnecessary detours when searching for relevant content.  

Once again, thoughtfully creating your page URLs does more than improving your web accessibility. URLs are another crucial component to SEO success – so don't overlook this technique in your pursuit of web success! 

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Creating an accessible website is an ongoing process that requires thought and planning and a willingness to evolve alongside technological advances and the population's needs. These tips cover the basics, but there are many ways to fine-tune your website to make it accessible to all! 

For help navigating the ins and outs of web accessibility and ensuring that your website is optimized for all users, contact the team at WEB ROI today, and we can help you drive forward on the track to success! 


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