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According to, Google changes its search engine optimization algorithm 500-600 times/year According to, Google has rolled out 9 “major” updates which have targeted things such as: Panda. Penguin, Hummingbird

  • Duplicate content (Panda)
  • Paid links (Penguin)
  • Keyword stuffing (Hummingbird)
  • Mobile user experience (“Mobilegeddon”)
(Holy cow, that’s a lot of changes). As the marketing point person for your company, you’re responsible for: Needless to say, you’re busy. Because you’ve got so much going on, it’s not that hard to lose sight of tried-and-true search engine optimization (SEO) basics. So, consider this a bit of a refresher and rediscover some easy-to-follow SEO fundamentals.

It’s all about the user experience

The scenario: You’re in the middle of a busy day when someone knocks on your door and asks for:
  • A new sale banner to be added to the website in 10 minutes.
  • Homepage links to your free eBook offer.
  • Newly written content to go under your about us section.
After you implement those requests, you realize that: Good vs Bad UX
  • Your website isn’t as clean as it should be.
  • It now takes longer for people to navigate from one page to another.
  • The new page in your about us section really doesn’t belong there.
  • None of the new additions to your website have been optimized.
Guess what? Google will notice that too. It’s easy to fall into the habit of continually adding to your website, trying to squeeze and place new things wherever there’s room. But do that too many times, and your SEO ranking will get dinged (not to mention visitors will become annoyed).

Get back to basics by…

Asking the following questions:
  • Will this new content be great, or is it a blog just for the sake of a blog?
  • What benefit are we giving people by adding this content?
  • Is it possible something gets taken away or lost?
  • Will this look good and work on all mobile and desktop browsers?
Look, we totally understand at WEB ROI: It’s hard to step back and take time when a request is considered “urgent.” But remember: Everything you do is for your customers/website visitors and not you. So, if it doesn’t benefit the people visiting and using your website, don’t do it.

Maximize your meta title tag

The next time you search for something in Google, take a close look at the results page. The biggest, easiest-to-read, and most visually appealing element is the title tag. Not having an optimized title tag (or – shudder – no title tag at all) is absolutely brutal because:
  • Google and other search engines won’t know what your page is about.
  • Neither will people.
Unless someone enters your site directly, the title tag is the first experience people will have with your business. It can be positive, like this:
  • Relevant Title Tag | Tell Me What I’ll Learn On This Page | WEB ROI
Or negative, like this:
  • Bad tag – A bunch of Stuffed keywords here | Desperate plea for People to…
As advanced as Google has become over the years, the importance of title tags haven’t really changed all that much.

Get back to basics by…

  • Don’t let publishing sites like WordPress auto-generate a title tag for you. Manually tweak it so it’s appealing to people and search engines.
  • Establish a set pattern for your title tags and don’t deviate from it. Make certain your keywords and company name are in there.
  • Never ever stuff your meta title tags with keywords….EVER (not that you would anyway, you’re better than that).

You need MORE content

Content is King What’s that saying? Right: Content is king. Even though you know how important content is, you haven’t been able to keep up with it for a variety of reasons:
  • Too busy working on other marketing activities like lead nurturing and reporting.
  • Writer’s block (hey, it happens).
  • There’s no one available to produce quality content on a consistent basis.
Question for you: What’s worse…?
  • Producing crummy content just for the sake of “getting it up there?”
  • Not producing content for weeks at a time?
The answer: They’re both terrible. In a perfect world, you’d have unlimited time, resources, and effort to creating and sharing kick-ass content regularly. In reality, that ain’t gonna happen. Still, you have to keep on pumping out excellent, useful, and informative content. And don’t lean on the excuse that people won’t read it. If it’s good, it’ll get found and shared.

Get back to basics by…

  • Create and stick to a rock-solid content calendar and don’t let anything detract from it.
  • Look at the current content on your website; if there’s anything that sucks and has no value, either make it better or get rid of it.
  • Rediscover your target audience and find out what kind of content matters to them and dedicate yourself to delivering it.
One last thing: Producing more, awesome content is an SEO basic you really can’t deviate from. So, if you aren’t able to allocate enough time to doing it properly, outsource it to someone who can. Your SEO (and your company) will thank you for it. Let's Talk

Need a little bit of help? Need someone to do it all? That’s WEB ROI

As mentioned off the top, search engine optimization changes at a lightning-fast pace. It won’t slow down so you can “catch up.” Ignoring the basics isn’t going to help, either. If your SEO has been MIA lately, don’t let it wither. Instead, let WEB ROI take care of it. We’ll develop a plan to:
  • Improve your ranking.
  • Keep your ranking high.
And when Google introduces Giraffe, Ape, or whatever the next SEO update is, we’ll make all the necessary changes for you. We do the work. You get the glory. Sound good? Ready to start? Awesome. Book a FREE consultation with our team today.

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