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5 Must-Have Call to Action Examples for Your B2B Website

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A call to action, or CTA, is the part of your advertising and marketing campaign that tells your target audience what they should be doing once they arrive at your landing page. 

An effective CTA for a B2B website differs from a B2C company, which makes sense – B2B and B2C businesses communicate differently because their target audiences are different. Rev your engines and get ready to pull ahead as we look at some methods for optimizing your B2B CTAs! 

1. Keep It Short 

Get to the point with your call to action to minimize confusion and maximize impact. You can use headings, body content, and infographics to provide any supplemental information that you'd like your prospective clients to know but ensure to keep your CTA simple to catch the eye and drive conversions. 

You want your CTA to stay between two to five words. For example, 

  • DO: "Get Your Free Guide" 
  • DON'T: "Click here to download our award-winning guide now, free of charge!" 

2. Command, Don't Demand 

Nobody likes to be bossed around, and there's finesse in creating a compelling CTA that doesn't read as bossy. B2B companies especially benefit from mastering this technique, as their clients are likely informed in marketing strategy and can recognize good practices more easily than your average consumer. 

By taking action on your website, prospects are doing you a favour, which should be reflected in your tone. You want to generate successful leads, after all, not drive them away! Consider:

  • DO: "Start Your Free Trial" 
  • DON'T: "Register Now" 

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3. Clear the Way to Your CTA 

A CTA is only effective if it can be found. Nobody wants to spend time trying to navigate a sloppy webpage, especially not a business that's interested in your services. How can they trust you to handle a part of their business if you can't seem to handle your own? 

Keep your CTA above the fold, so visitors don't need to scroll to find it on desktop as well as mobile. Make it stand out through design and colour, as well as page placement. Minimize clutter on your landing page and lean into minimalism to make your CTA truly pop and drive your business forward! 

4. Entice Prospects with Value 

As consumers, we're constantly bombarded with advertisements and CTAs, making us ask, "what's in it for me?" before we're compelled to click. To jumpstart your business and kick it into overdrive, your CTA should answer that question. 

Use language that demonstrates the benefit for the prospective customer, rather than focusing on how their action will benefit your business. For example: 

  • DO: "Schedule Your Custom Consultation" 
  • DON'T: "Request a Consultation with Our Sales Representative"

5. Test, Test, and Test Again

To stay in the game and ahead of the competition, you must constantly be striving for improvement. The best way to do this? Test! There's always room for improvement. 

Simple A/B tests, or split tests, allow you to experiment and determine which different variations of your webpage perform better by presenting each version to users at random and analyzing the results. Using this technique on your CTA is a great way to pinpoint areas for improvement, no matter how effective it is to start with. 

Those who want to win don't do so by taking it easy. While you may have a great CTA that's allowed you to pull ahead of the competition, easing up on the gas now won't get you across the finish line first. Keep testing and continually improving to optimize your landing page and CTA, thus increasing your conversion rate and launching your business forward! 

Our team here at WEB ROI has the experience and industry know-how to create compelling CTAs that will help grow your B2B conversions. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you to accelerate past the competition and embark upon the road to success! 

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