Money-Making Monday: Is Your Phone Number Visible?

Updated on: 09-11-2021 by WEB-ROI

MoneyWelcome to WSI Milton’s Money-Making Monday series.

One Monday per month, we’ll focus on simple changes and enhancements you can make to help generate more ROI from your website and digital marketing.

And we’ll do it with a focus on companies and businesses like yours:

  • Home building
  • Renovating & home improvement
  • Landscape supplies

First up in Money-Making Monday: Having a visible phone number on your website.

Isn’t having a phone number obvious?

It is.

But you’d be surprised at how many websites either don’t have a phone number or have one that’s impossible to find:

Why would anyone do this? It could be because they:

  • They (or their web developer) didn’t think about it when building the website
  • Want to force users to email or fill a form
  • Don’t have the staff to handle taking calls
  • Are afraid it’ll become a customer service or complaint hotline

What they don’t realize is they’re losing potential customers and sales.

No TrustPeople don’t trust companies that don’t feature a phone number

Would you do business with a company that you couldn’t pick up the phone and call?

If there’s no phone number on your site, people will think you’re:

  • Too busy and hard to reach
  • Hiding something from them
  • Not actually interested in talking to them

Even though more people are comfortable when it comes to filling out forms or using live chat features, some prefer the tried and true method of making a phone call.

  • At WSI Milton, our experience shows that, on average, our clients’ websites gets 3x as many phone calls than forms filled in.

And by not having a phone number on your website, you are turning those people away.

Hard to find phone numberHow to make your phone number more visible

Having your phone number visible gives people peace of mind.

They know they’re dealing with a legitimate business.

Here’s how to make your phone number more visible on your website:

  • Place it on the top right hand corner of your website
  • Feature it on every page of your website
  • When viewing your phone number on their mobile phone, it must be clickable

If your current website is designed in such a way that you can’t add your phone number in a visible manner, then you’ll want to consider redesigning or rebuilding it.

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