Money-Making Monday: Not Using Social Media? That’s Bad. And This Mistake Is Even Worse.

Welcome to the first WEB ROI Money-Making Monday blog of 2017.

(Speaking of which, we hope you had a very safe and enjoyable New Year’s celebration).

If you’re new to Money-Making Monday, here’s how it works:

On the first Monday of each month, we publish a blog focusing on a particular topic designed to help drive more traffic (and leads) to your website.

You won’t find complicated marketing jargon or lingo here.

Just easy-to-understand, real-world examples which relate to your contractor, retail or B2B company.

With the holidays behind us, there’s a good chance you were sharing pictures and viewing updates on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

And that’s the focus of January 2017’s Money-Making Monday: The benefits of using social media for your business.

Social media signsIs there a difference between personal and business social media? You bet.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you might share or post on your personal social media accounts:

Profile pictures: Maybe it’s a picture of you at the cottage with your buddies. It could be an image of you and your kids. Perhaps it’s a pic of the dream car you just bought.

  • Posts: On Sunday, you may have posted about the big MMA fight. On Monday, it could be an angry rant about that idiot who cut you off. Tuesday’s post could be about the Leafs game. And your next update might be about your daughter’s birthday party.
  • Hashtags: Heading to a party? You may want to celebrate with #GoingToGetLoadedTonight. Staying home instead? Maybe you’ll type #NetflixAndChill in your next post.

Take a look at the examples above.

For your personal social media accounts (the ones you share with family or friends), they’re acceptable because those people know and trust you.

But people looking to hire you for, say, a home improvement project, they don’t know and trust you. They’re using social media to learn more about your business.

And an image of you at a Vegas bachelor bash next to an expletive-filled post railing against government taxes doesn’t reflect the work you do or the professionalism of your company.

The lesson here: Keep your personal and business accounts separate.

Social media reviewsWhy are prospective customers using social media anyway?

The number one reason people are looking up your business on LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites?

They want to know what people are saying about you.

According to, 83% of people are checking you out on Facebook while they’re in your store.

Think about it. A prospective customer…

  • …Knows what they want…
  • …Knows that you have it…
  • …Took the time to drive to your physical location…
  • …Probably talked to your sales staff…

….and still, they need more information – from other customers – before making a purchase decision.

So if you aren’t on social media (or worse, have poor reviews or brand reputation), it can cost you significant business.

The lesson here: Get your business on social media and be as positive and professional as you are in your retail location.

Are you missing out on these social media for business benefits?

Now, you might think your building or landscape supply business doesn’t need a social media presence; that just having a website is enough.

But without an active social media strategy, you’re not taking advantage of:

  • Better SEO: Google and other search engines incorporate social activity when determining search engine optimization (SEO) In other words, the more you post (and the more your posts get shared), the easier it is for prospective customers to find you.
  • Establishing your brand: Do you have fun at work? Pride yourself on strong core values like proactive customer service? Your social media pages are the perfect place to showcase your company’s personality (like one of our clients did here).
  • Really knowing your customers: Social media is all about talking and sharing. Let’s say there’s a conversation taking place about HVAC and fireplace You can participate with a helpful post and, in the process, become a trusted source for information and insights.
  • Seeing how your social media performs: Just like SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, you can measure results when it comes to social media. Learn how many people saw a post, clicked on it and ultimately became a lead because of it.
  • Being able to provide “real-time” service: Whether someone posts a positive comment, has a product question or shares a complaint, they expect a response quickly. Social media lets you handle and diffuse any situation (good or bad) immediately.

The lesson here: Just like email marketing, web design and other channels, social media marketing can be a valuable tool towards getting the customers your business needs to grow.

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Are you planning your business social? You should.

Earlier in this blog, we talked about the difference between personal and business posting.

Here’s one more:

Personal social media updates tend to be spontaneous. Whatever’s on your mind – at that moment – you can post.

On the other hand, business social media needs to be planned. You can’t just post whatever, whenever, because it may not be in tune with what’s happening at your company.

Say you’re a home builder with a new community development about to launch. You’ve updated your website and you’ve launched your email campaigns.

But if your social media posts are about other things, you miss out on sharing that information with your social media followers (who may or may not be on your email list).

The lesson here: Yes, it’s good to post occasional on-the-fly updates. But overall, your business needs to have a solid social media plan of what gets posted, when and where.

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