Jason’s Tips: Who is Your Target Audience?

Have you ever taken the time to identify your target personas? Most businesses have between 1-3 target personas. It’s like if you could identify the perfect prospect and give him or her a name and a face, then you would be able to communicate with them on a one-to-one basis instead of talking to a crowd and hoping they are listening.

It’s a very valuable exercise and it really helps you when it comes to creating the content for your website. You’re able to use words and focus on the things that really resonate with your audience on an individual level.

I encourage you to put some time and effort toward this exercise. You’ll find it really helps you come up with great content and it will connect better with your audience.

I hope this is a helpful tip for you. If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.

Have a great week!