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Jason's Tips: Make Changes to See Changes

Content is the King

Have you visited or even looked at your website within the past week, month, or year? If not, the chances are nor have many of your potential customers, nor Google!

Things that are forgotten and ignored, are forgotten and ignored. What I mean by that is that if you don't pay attention and update your website frequently there is nothing to attract your target audience and Google will practically ignore your website. Google loves fresh content. The more often you change something on your website, the more often Google will crawl through the website to find new information.

You may not know how Google works. All the links you see on Google are not actually your website; they are copies of pages Google found on your website. So when you add new content, Google's robots go to your website and update all the copies of pages so they are serving up to date information in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can therefore, train Google to come back more often by making regular changes, adding content and images, blogging, etc. And then Google will reward you by visiting more often, plus you'll get points for freshness and relevance and you'll rank better in the SERPs!

I hope this is a helpful tip for you Caleb. If you'd like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here's a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.



The Prize is a High-Traffic Website That Generates Quality Leads

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