Jason’s Tips: Improving Your Conversion Rate

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I thought it would be helpful to offer you some tools you can use right now while we are all locked down. These tips will help skyrocket your business performance as soon as things start resembling normal again.

Right now we all have a choice. We can sit idly and wait for things to improve and then hope we recover. Or we can work ON our business while we have this bit of downtime and set ourselves up for a quicker recovery and long-term success.

I have created a video message about Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s about 11 minutes that could help you improve your sales by 250% or more. Check it out here!

Here’s what you can do right now:

  1. Download our Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist . If you have trouble, just email me and I’ll send it directly to you.
  2. Log into your Google Analytics and make sure you have conversion tracking goals configured. You will need to have dedicated “thank you” pages in order to effectively track visitors who take a desired action. Once you have that setup, you can also see which traffic sources (direct, search, paid, social etc.) are actually resulting in leads and/or sales.
  3. Set up a tracking phone number, so you can track callers from your website. We have been tracking phone conversions for many years and are now transitioning to Call Rail, a Canadian supplier.  Call Rail allows us to use multiple tracking numbers on a website so we can track phone calls from unique traffic sources. So for example, you can track exactly how many phone call leads you get from Facebook or Google Paid ads for example. We know that the ratio of phone calls to web forms is significantly higher in most cases, so the data gathered here is highly valuable.
  4. If you have the ability to provide live chat to visitors, you can also establish tracking metrics in your Google Analytics account to track the live chat actions.
  5. Ask your webmaster to make changes to your website, using the Conversion Rate Checklist. But ensure you have a baseline metric in place first. In other words, if you don’t already have the tracking and analytics tools setup, do so now and then give it a period of time to accumulate enough traffic to be statistically relevant. That amount of traffic may be unique for each business and industry.
  6. Track the conversion goal changes, comparing the results before you made the changes with after the changes were made.
  7. With this new data, continue making improvements to your content and your offers, in order to continue seeing even better results.
  8. If your webmaster can’t help you or if you’re confused about any of this, let’s jump on a FREE 15 min consultation call and see if we can help.

I hope you and your family are staying healthy and positive during this time!