Jason’s Tips: Digital Main Street Grant

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Last week, the Government of Ontario, in partnership with the Government of Canada launched it’s $57-million Digital Main Street Initiative. The initiative is aiding up to 22,900 small businesses to create, launch, and enhance their online presence and expand their reach to new customers in and beyond Ontario. Watch the WEB ROI Tip of the Week video for more details!

Today, small businesses can apply for grants up to $2500 each to assist them in building and enhancing their small business’ online presence.

The funding may be used by small businesses to support eligible costs to help implement their Digital Transformation Plan. These can include costs in relation to:

  • Digital marketing (the cost to hire a consultant/agency) to execute digital marketing initiative
  • Website development (develop a new website, redevelopment/improvements)
  • Software (graphic design, productivity software, database, social media software, (e.g. Hootsuite, Dropbox, Buffer)(; security software.
  • Optimizing websites for search (i.e. cost to hire a search optimization consultant)
  • setting up e-commerce, back-office solutions.
  • social media advertising
  • create customer databases
  • professional photography service for a website or e-commerce site
  • Digital training (courses)
  • Some hardware upgrades

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Learn more about the Digital Transformation Grant here

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