Jason’s Tips: Are You Ready To Open?

We are open sign

Ontario and Quebec are beginning to reopen. Now it’s time to start figuring out how your business will operate within the new normal.

I’ve been thinking a lot about retail in particular, especially those that sell high end products. Consumers are unlikely to start flooding into store and having long face to face conversations with sales staff, which is so common when purchasing high end products.

One of our clients in particular, upgraded their website to eCommerce about a year and a half ago. It turned out to be a very good decision as they are still able to sell about $200K a month online, despite their 10, 000 square foot showroom being closed.

If you’re in retail, you need to get your online store setup as soon as possible. A friend of  mine recently built an eCommerce store on Shopify fior his health food store. Other than it taking the better part of a week fir him to builf and there being certain limitatiions with the template used, the fact is he is now selling products online. This has enabled him to generate revenue during the lock-down. Even though his business is considered essential, it’s a small store and the foot traffic dropped drastically, so online sales became a necessity.

Assuming all retail is open by the end of June (or sooner), do you feel ready to accommodate sales with distancing requirements and limited physical exposure?

The subject of this week’s tip is “partnership”. We would like to be our partner in making your business eCommerce ready. We can assist you or your team in building an eCommerce store with a full product catalogue, descriptions and selling points. Even using video demonstrations of some of your top selling products.

I have created a video about eCommerce and what it may mean for you moving forward.

You can give our office a call or book a meeting with me to discuss the possibilities.