How to Develop a Social Media Strategy – Part 4 of 4

This week we have been talking about how an effective social media strategy can help your business increase income and customers by generating leads and improving your return on investment.

We’ve looked at why it’s important to implement a social media strategy into your internet marketing campaign as well as how to do this, specifically through blogging and Facebook.  Today we will finish off by looking at how to effectively integrate Twitter into your social media strategy.

What are the Benefits of Integrating Twitter into Your Social Media Plan?

There are numerous benefits to using Twitter as part of your business’ social media strategy:

  • Twitter can help your brand and company gain greater exposure
  • Being active on Twitter can help you monitor industry terminology and competitor activity, which will allow you to identify new search terms and key words that you can then use on your webpage or blog
  • Your results are easily measured – with Twitter it is easy to measure the success of your campaign and make adjustments accordingly.

Through Twitter you can track:

  • Changes in the number of followers you have
  • The number of retweets you receive
  • Changes in web and/or blog traffic – reference data will show Twitter as a source that drove an individual to your web or blog

How Can You Use Twitter Effectively?

In order to use Twitter effectively in your social media strategy it is important that you trust and build trust within the Twitter community.  You want people to identify you as an expert and trust your opinion and comments on certain topics and trends.  This means that, as with blogging, content is critical.  When writing content on Twitter, you must:

  • Be specific and concise – with the 140 character max your Tweets need to be informative, concise and to the point
  • Ensure your content is meaningful and that you have something to say and say it often
  • Be interesting
  • Use your Twitter communications strategically and effectively, but don’t be too sales focused
  • Keep your audience in mind when posting – what would they find useful and interesting to know?  When creating your tweets you should also consider how people search, what they search for and what they will follow
  • Ensure your live tweeting is regularly fed and maintained


Another great way to use Twitter is as a way to keep up with current trends in your industry.  Twitter will help you identify organic terms and key words.  Organic terms are those which the average Twitter user would say naturally.  You want to know how potential customers are talking about your industry so that you can keep up to date with the industry-related terms that are currently relevant and growing in popularity and then take advantage of these terms on your website or blog.

How to Get Followers

The best way to get followers is to follow other people on Twitter.  When you follow someone, most people will follow back.  In fact, there is a Twitter application that you can set to automatically follow anyone who follows you.

In addition to this auto-follow application there are many other Twitter applications that you can use that will increase Twitter’s usability.  You can optimize your Twitter page and get more followers by customizing your page and ensuring that you complete all details on the page.

A great way to increase your social media efficiency is to feed your blog into Twitter and Facebook and then feed Twitter into your LinkedIn account.  When you are feeding your blog in to Twitter you want to make your blog’s headline strong with keywords and calls to action.  This will create a ‘bit/tiny’ URL on Twitter that will link to your entire blog post.

Ultimately social media sites like Twitter can result in increased profit, customers and ROI.  For example, Gary Vaynerchuk’s Twitter success story is well known. Gary grew his family business from $4 million to $50 million using social media.  Vaynerchuk found social media much more profitable than traditional forms of advertising.  He had spent:

  • $15 000 on Direct Mail which resulted in 200 new customers
  • $7 500 on Billboards, which resulted in 300 new customers
  • $0 on Twitter, which resulted in 1800 new customers

Social media costs nothing to implement except for your time but, if done effectively it can yield huge increases in profit, help you build your customer base and improve your overall ROI.  WSI Milton are experts in web design, internet marketing and conversion architecture.

Let us help you develop an effective social media and internet marketing strategy.  Contact us for a complimentary consultation or attend one of our free monthly seminars for more information about how internet marketing can help you improve your business.

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