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How to Capitalize On The Rise of Featured Snippets and Voice Search

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The online world continues to evolve to make the user experience increasingly easy and intuitive, leading to the increased use of voice search and consistent sophistication of the software. With that in mind, how can a business owner or marketer make the most of this technology? Enter: featured snippets and voice search.  

What are Featured Snippets & Voice Search? 

“Hey Google, where can I buy a sofa under $700 in Toronto?” 

“Hey Google, who offers 24/7 emergency HVAC service in Toronto?” 

With the rise of the use of digital assistants in the home and the use of talk-to-text on all our devices, has come a new evolution of a recently added form of marketing: featured snippets. 

Featured Snippet ExampleWhile featured snippets play a role in traditional keyword searches typed into Google, voice search has influenced this search engine feature to become a multimedia marketing tool for more devices. 

Featured snippets are easy-to-read pieces of content that answer direct questions that are posed in the search bar. These are especially powerful because they are perceived as authoritative to the search user and therefore instill trust in the content publisher. 

How Has Voice Search Increased Featured Snippets? 

According to Backlinko, the rise of voice search has actually led to a decrease in the number of organic clicks, by up to 37%; with featured snippets no click is required as you get your answer in the search results. With this information, it’s clear to see that voice search is a powerful marketing opportunity and cause for a renewed focus on appearing at the top of Google searches as a featured snippet; after all, the featured snippet is typically what is read back to you by a device or digital assistant. 

Lady using voice search on phone

Optimizing Featured Snippets for Voice Search 

Now that we know how powerful featured snippets can be for voice search, let’s dive into how to make the most of this online marketing tactic. 

The first and most important thing to understand about voice search is that it tends to value content that reads as a natural sentence. With this in mind, create and optimize all your online content using long-tail, natural-sounding keyword lists. This means that, for example, rather than using “best bookstore Milton,” you should employ a longer keyword phrase such as “best bookstores in the Milton area.” Not only does this appeal to Google and increase your chances of securing more frequent featured snippets, but its increased comprehension gives your readers a more natural reading experience. 

When crafting your long-tail keyword list, consider the following words and sentiments, which are most popular in featured snippets:

  •  How 
  •  How to 
  •  Best 
  • Does 
  • To 
  • Much 
  • What 
  • Where 
  • Is 

Many users have taught themselves to omit these words from their searches, but with the sophistication of Google these days, especially with voice search, these terms will actually help you optimize for featured snippets and enhance your ability to be featured on Google voice search. 

One final tip: Use your new, optimized keyword list to create meta descriptions for your content to maximize your chances of getting featured snippets and appearing on voice searches. 

Make the Most of Digital Advertising 

Optimizing content will not only help you rank on Google searches - but it will also help you achieve the coveted top positionWhen you have a featured snippet it is actually considered position zero, which is on top of position #1! Contact us to learn how we can help you optimize your content to achieve better organic results.


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