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How Natural Landscape Group’s New Website Delivers Leads

How Natural Landscape Group’s New Website Delivers Leads


As high-end landscape designers, the team at Natural Landscape Group (NLG) is skilled in design. So, it’s no surprise that co-owner Dave Maciulis had designed a visually stunning website that the company was proud to show to clients. However, the site wasn’t delivering the leads that NLG expected.

So, they chose Web ROI to rebuild their website from the ground up, and since it launched the leads have continued to pour in.

Choosing Web ROI

Maciulis told Web ROI in a video testimonial that his team approached him about bringing in website design experts to change up their existing website and optimize it for lead generation:

“I was apprehensive to relinquish my creative license to someone else. But my business partner brought me to the Web ROI trough, and we did drink from it, and things are going great.”

In initial talks with NLG’s design team, Web ROI was sensitive to Maciulis’ needs and understood his passion for the initial website he had built. This understanding drove the decision to maintain the existing website’s visual focus, but rebuild the core of the site, so it could capture Google’s attention in search results.

When Web ROI presented NLG with a proposal for the website, one of the team’s main goals was to ensure NLG’s needs were heard and addressed. Of the proposal, Maciulis said, “it was in such great detail, in such a way that [Web ROI] got into our head and understood what we were looking for… it was at that point that we chose Web ROI to move forward.”

The New Website Strategy

content marketing and blogging concept in flat design vector id952496724Chris Orlesky, CEO of NLG, explained that Web ROI’s focus with the new website was to optimize it for Google Analytics and have a more successful web presence:

“The model for the new website is to have everything work in conjunction,” Orlesky said.

Web ROI optimized the new site for modern-day search trends and Google’s standards. The site never stands still, either. The Web ROI team updates and tweaks the site as needed so that NLG can stay ahead of the competition.

“We understand that Google, and the way that people are searching and marketing nowadays, is dynamic,” Orlesky explained.

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Accolades and Results for Natural Landscape Group

Though they are masters of visual design, the team at Natural Landscape Group was impressed with the look of their new site.

“It’s done very well in terms of style, layout, and design,” Orlesky said.

engaging content blogging media planning promotion in social network vector id960999420In fact, the website’s design is so sleek, it has drawn attention within the landscape industry itself. In January, NLG won “Best Website Design” from Landscape Ontario. While the team loves the recognition, they are more impressed with the leads the website has generated. The website launched in their slow season, but they still saw a boost in traffic.

“The results have been amazing. From the date of launch, within 7-14 days, leads were coming in,” Maciulis explained. “I see growth, I see positive growth moving up and moving forward, helping our business grow.”

Want to see how Web ROI captured more customers and accolades for NLG? Take a look at NLG’s website and see it for yourself. Then, contact us at Web ROI to get a proposal for your own website and start generating leads.

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