How Google TV is Changing the Web for Small Businesses

Updated on: 19-11-2021 by WEB-ROI

Google TV has recently launched and it will certainly have a large impact on the web in a number of ways.

The main impacts of Google TV from a business perspective will be positive and include expected changes to:

  • Local Business
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media
  • Google search

Local Business

Google TV will have many positive impacts on small, local businesses including:

  • People can now access Google’s geo-targeting advertising from their couch
  • Google TV users will be able to find local business information with greater ease and convenience
  • Google search function will now be available on a person’s TV, making it more accessible to find local businesses and small businesses in the area



With the introduction of Google TV e-commerce will benefit for a number of reasons:

  • The entire web is at the fingertips of TV viewers all of the time
  • When a viewer sees a commercial for a product or service on TV or a TV show they can easily flip over to the web, find the product and purchase it instantly without leaving the couch
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing will become even more important for the small business owner

Social Media

  • Google TV will help social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube prosper:
  • Social media sites will become more convenient and accessible for people to use
  • People will be able to communicate easily from their couches or recliners
  • It is very possible that TV will become the primary platform for communications like:



  • The use and popularity of social media sites is expected to grow
  • For the small business owner, establishing a social media presence is going to become even more important as users will be able to access social media sites more frequently and conveniently
  • Businesses will want to include social media as a key part of their internet marketing strategy

Google Search

As Google TV becomes more popular so will Google search:

  • Increased accessibility of Google search means that businesses need to improve their SEO strategies

In order to take advantage of the internet as a key marketing tool and establish a strong online presence, businesses need to be aware of and manipulate the impact of Google TV on the web.

Google TV will certainly impact small business providing a lot of benefits and opportunities to help businesses prosper online if they establish smart internet marketing strategies.

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