How Email Marketing Can Help You Increase Your ROI

When it comes to internet marketing analytics, email marketing is an excellent way to help increase your return on investment (ROI).  How many times has your business invested heavily in a marketing technique only to find that the ROI was lower than expected?

Email marketing is consistently rated as one of the top ROI marketing methods, ranking as the second best ROI for product marketing tactics, just after search engine optimization (SEO). Ultimately email is a great return on your marketing investment and it is one that is also easily measurable, so you can see how successful this marketing strategy has been for your business.

Email marketing allows businesses to send targeted messages to clients.  Without question email marketing is a great way to interact with both potential clients and established clients.  However, it should never be done as spam.  Instead of purchasing or “finding” email addresses in less than ethical ways you want to connect with clients who have provided you with their email.

There are a number of ways to encourage clients to provide you with their email address, such as:

  • Providing the opportunity to sign up on your website
  • Providing the opportunity to sign up in your store or at your location
  • Adding emails from your networking experiences


Many businesses have found providing something in exchange for an email address extremely effective.  Examples include:

  • A free promotional item
  • A coupon
  • A discount
  • A whitepaper (guide containing valuable information – such as “10 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs”)


The key is to provide something that the visitor to your website (or store) thinks is valuable enough to give up their email address to have.  These types of offers in exchange for email addresses can be done online and at your business location.

Recent research has found that it is extremely important for businesses to follow up with clients immediately after they receive their email address.  This “welcome message” should be sent at the beginning of a new customer’s subscription and is a great opportunity to start off this new relationship with effective messaging. Businesses are using welcome emails as a chance to further their segment messaging.

Experian Marketing Services looked at welcome email data, which as you can see in the chart below showed that welcome messages had the highest performance of any type of emailing activity in regards to opens, clicks, transactions and revenues.

April 2010

Welcome Email Stats

According to this data not only do welcome emails have an open rate that is four times higher than bulk emailing they also have higher revenues per email.

Ultimately email campaigns are an excellent way to take advantage of internet marketing and are much easier to implement than SEO, which is more time consuming and complicated than email campaigns.  However, when conducting email marketing you want to ensure that you are doing so effectively, and an effective welcome message is a key part of a good campaign.

Welcome messages are the most effective way to engage with prospective customers through email because this is the time when these potential clients are most likely to open, click and make transactions.  Why wouldn’t you communicate with customers when they are the most interested and open to your communications?

It is important to note that bulk email welcomes are not as effective as real-time welcomes.  Bulk welcomes are set at a fixed interval (say once a week) to all new subscribers.  These bulk welcomes performed consistently worse than real-time messages which were sent immediately after a customer subscribed or offered their email online.  In fact, real-time welcomes are more powerful than adding a special offer when it comes to raising transaction rates and revenues for a business.

When it comes to internet marketing analytics, email marketing is an excellent, time efficient and easy method to get a great ROI.  And of the various email campaigns, welcome emails that are done effectively can really help improve your business revenues and transactions.

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