Email Marketing Running Flat? Use These 5 Tips to Supercharge Your Dull Emails

Posted on: 29-07-2021 by WEB-ROI

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You have likely heard all the thoughts on modern email marketing. The internet has us believing that email marketing is a waste of money and energy. Why? Social media is replacing email. People are not willing to give up their data online. Millennials do not use email. Other marketing methods are more successful than email marketing. Email marketing is dead.

Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

The notion that email marketing will have your business burning gas for no reason is simply not true. Although there are other forms of digital marketing that do very well, email marketing is not dead, far from it. As alternatives to email marketing have appeared, like the several types of paid advertising, such as display ads, retargeting ads, and even video ads, or the rise of social media, email marketing has errantly been left in the dust.

For businesses looking to improve their digital marketing efforts, reach more customers, and keep their brand top-of-mind, email marketing remains at the core of most digital marketing efforts, even though it’s been around nearly as long as email itself. Despite how old email and email marketing practice seem to be, it has evolved and continues to be an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy.

The questions remain, are people even using email anymore? Are consumers even opening or looking at emails? Is it worth the time and effort? If they are, what are some successful email marketing strategies?

Well, a surprising fact is that email as a channel still has a massive reach, with 4.3 billion people actively using email and more than 361.6 billion emails flying through the web each day. If you think that sounds like a flood of information that your small email newsletter will get lost in, you would be wrong. The study showed that email-marketing return on investment is currently calculated to be 4,400%. This means that for every dollar ($1) you spend on your email marketing, you will see $44 coming back into your business.

Even if an email is not opened or clicked through, your brand name or logo helps solidify a place in the consumer’s mind once seen in an inbox. This means your brand remains top-of-mind for that potential customer when they are actively looking for your products or services.

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Drive Your Email Marketing Strategy

So, what are some email marketing success factors that you should employ to ensure that you are getting the best return on investment for your efforts?

Here are 5 things you should do to drive your email marketing strategy at full speed:

1. Get Personal

Personalize subject lines and preview text (make them interesting, BUT NOT CLICKBAIT). The first thing someone sees in their inbox is the subject line and the preview description. Personalized emails can rev up your open and click-through rates.

2. Strategize When Your Emails Are Sent Out

The time when you send your emails out matters. Remember, these emails are for your potential customers, so sending them when most people buy your products can influence the success of your email campaigns. Sending them too often or not often enough during odd times can potentially stall your results.

3. Use CTAs

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are extremely important if you want your contacts to complete an action in the email. It is recommended that CTAs are catchy and added at the beginning of the email. As people zoom through emails, a good CTA can stop them in their tracks and prompt them to complete an action, whether booking a call or completing an order.

4. Write Less

Nobody wants to read lengthy emails, so keep it short! It is recommended to have less than 200 words and to have fewer sections.

5. Write for Mobile

It may sound strange but write content as if it is designed for mobile. Although most people are still using desktops to review emails, optimizing your emails for mobile and having minimal texts and more precise headings can help boost your open rates.

Get The Most Out Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is still alive and continues to be an essential part of digital marketing. With email marketing, you can reach out to more targeted customers than any other marketing channel. Using these five tips can help you accelerate your business up the road to success while delivering a higher return on investment. Download our eBook for more tips on how to get your email campaigns on track.

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