When It Comes to Content, Quality AND Quantity Matters

Content mattersAs a business owner, you want your website to get found by the right people: High-quality leads who are very interested in purchasing your products or services.

(On the other hand, the wrong people are “tire-kickers” who don’t really want to do business with you).

Now, more than ever, quality content is a crucial component when it comes to lead generation for a variety of reasons:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) now looks at the helpfulness of content when it comes to giving out rankings. Before, it was all about keywords. Now it’s about the value of the content itself.


  • In social media marketing, the best content gets shared, liked or re-tweeted. The more social engagement your content can receive, the better it is for – yup, you guessed it – your SEO strategy.


  • People are savvier than ever when they look for and consume website content. If an article, blog or web page doesn’t tell them exactly what they want (often within seconds of getting there), they’ll leave and never come back.

Way back in April 2014, Ascend2 (an online marketing think-tank) interviewed marketing professionals around the world who believed that effective, relevant content was the key to generating a high WEB ROI for businesses of all sizes.

Fast forward to 2017, and that’s truer than ever.

Content creation is effective, but difficult

That same study found that content creation – while necessary – is also challenging and frustrating for business owners (especially those operating in a niche retail industry).

The biggest issue: Coming up with ideas when it comes to blogging for your business.

Here’s an example: A landscape contractor may not want to share too many do-it-yourself ideas because that might encourage potential clients to, well, do it themselves.

On the other hand, DIY blogs do provide helpful information. It shows potential customers (and search engines like Google) that you’re interested in creating value as opposed to making a sale.

Eventually, when a customer can’t do-it-themselves, guess who they’re going to call?

Right: The landscape company which gave them value.

Varied contentContent needs to be varied and plentiful

Writing a blog for your business is great.

But if you only write blogs which are short and posted irregularly, you aren’t really getting the most out of content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content should be lengthy, informative and presented in different ways.

Take a look at your business. Certainly there are great stories and tips which can be shared as:

  • Case studies to showcase the process behind your biggest and best projects
  • Webinars where you can interact with prospective customers and answer questions for them
  • Videos which demonstrate your products or services in action
  • Free downloads with information people can’t find anywhere else

And if you think you have nothing to write about or share, think again.

Special company milestones. Product updates. New government regulations. Community events your business sponsors; they’re all great topics or themes for your content.


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Great content can be measured

Measuring the results of your content tells you how many found it and what they did afterwards.

Here’s why that’s important.

Let’s say you’re a fireplace or HVAC contractor and you wrote a blog about keeping your units clean which performed really well.

Lots of people read it. They may have liked it, shared it or even contacted you from it.

That tells you people are very interested in learning how to keep their units clean.

From there, you can:

  • Create a how-to video with step-by-step instructions
  • Develop an infographic which compares various cleaning products
  • Share testimonials about your company’s own cleaning services

High-quality content marketing does more than just keep your website fresh (which is incredibly important for SEO rankings).

It positions your business as the go-to resource when it comes for helpful information and useful tips.

Who is your audience?Knowing your target

A smart way to keep your content relevant is to know who you’re speaking to.

And the best way to do that is to create a persona; a fictional representation of your ideal customer.

Right now, almost 60% of businesses tailor their content to individual decision makers they want to reach. And 52% focus their content on general characteristics of their target audience.

Remember the Twilight series of books? They were targeted masterfully at her audience.

It didn’t matter if everybody liked the story. It mattered that her target loved it and just about everybody in the demographic needed a copy.

Need a content strategy? We can help

Content marketing is vital towards long-term business growth. It’s what people and search engines alike are looking for.

As a busy entrepreneur, you may not have the time to write blogs or case studies on a regular basis.

Still, it’s something your company needs; especially in 2017.

If you want to know how high-quality content can help your business, simply call 1-877-WEBROI or contact us with your questions or comments.

We’ll get back to you ASAP with the information and answers you need.