New Website Launched: Check Out Dutchman’s Landscaping’s New Eye-Catching Design


We’re happy to announce the launch of a beautiful new landscaping site for Dutchman’s
Landscape – serving Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Ancaster & surrounding areas.

This site is going to bring them a huge boom in business-it has everything that a great landscape contractor’s website should.

Here are the components that contribute to their stellar new online presence:

Impressive Image Gallery

The site possesses a vast gallery of past projects categorized by the type for homeowners to browse for inspiration.

dutch2A major mistake that many landscaper’s websites make is not having enough images. 90%- if not more- of a visitors motivation to contact you will be based on the visual appeal of the projects you create. One thing to keep in mind- more is not always better. Try to take pictures of every one of your projects- even some focusing on individual components- but only post the ones that really showcase your best work in the best lighting.

This gallery can be easily maintained by Dutchman’s themselves- the content management system we build our sites on is user-friendly enough to allow clients to have a high amount of control over their own sites.

Of course, during this busy time of year for landscapers- our customer support team is happy to manage gallery updates for them.

Conversion Focused Design & Content

Many sites that are created by designers miss the mark on common elements that have been proven to bring in more conversions (in this case, calls or emails) from visitors. Our design process includes both marketing experts and designers to ensure that you will get the best possible return on your investment.

After all, bold websites with unique navigation can look really impressive. But if the visitor can’t find your contact info, information about your process, or your services in a few seconds or less, they’re going to bounce.

Dutchman’s new site is both attractive and easy to navigate. Large content in attractive fonts makes sure the main messages aren’t to be missed, while images (all their own- no stock photos used on this site) showcase their impressive work. Lastly, navigation and contact info is exactly where a visitor would expect to find them.

Outstanding Testimonials (and many more to come)

Customer reviews add loads of legitimacy to your business when a customer is faced with dozens of similar companies to choose from. That kind of social proof can make the difference between having year-round work or only getting business in the summer when other contractors are booked.

Most people understand that reviews are important now, but it is always challenging to get your customers to submit them.

To ensure that the site clearly communications how many thrilled customers Dutchman’s has, we are managing a Customer Lobby account on their behalf. This service includes Customer Lobby phoning past clients to conduct a quick phone interview about their experience, and it guarantees a minimum of 2 new reviews each month.

Marketing Message

dutch3One often overlooked aspect of landscape contractor’s websites is the marketing message. A company should think about: what makes them different, better, more desirable than their competitors.

Every single landscape website talks about high quality work. Almost as much talk about customer service as their differentiator.

Even if this is true, it’s not enough to just say it. The messaging has to prove it- what have you done that demonstrates your exceptional customer service? What makes your construction higher quality than your competitors?

Walter knew exactly what set them apart from their competitors, making it extremely easy to create compelling content that will make a visitor want to choose them over the dozens of others.

Walter’s “dutch efficiency” – meaning they take on a single project at a time to give full focus and expedite the process is one part of their unique selling point. Nobody wants a project that goes on forever, and by focusing on a single client at a time (other contractors can do several-spreading themselves thin), they are able to create outdoor spaces really quite quickly.

This is combined with his collection of cleanup equipment that makes it standard to fully clean- even hose off the road- any of the worksite that has become messy at the end of every single day.

Many contractors rent dumpsters and hire junk removal services- meaning you will either have a dumpster parked on your front lawn throughout the project, or a pile of debris waiting for pickup at the end. Homeowners that don’t want their property to be an eyesore during construction should definitely do business with Dutchman’s Landscaping.

Does Your Website Have These Things?

Is it possible that your site could use a little work in any of these areas?

If you think it might be time for a new site, contact us for a free consultation, or download our free guide to a Website Redesign That Gets Results below.

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