Your Business Not on Social Media? Here’s What It’s Missing. (Infographic)

Updated on: 09-11-2021 by WEB-ROI

In 2017, it seems that everyone (and everything) has a social media account:

  • People
  • Cats, dogs, lizards and other animals
  • Organizations
  • Schools

Notice what’s not on that list?

Right: Your business.

Many contractors, niche retailers or B2B companies don’t think they need to be on social media.

Or worse, they’re combining their business and personal accounts.

If your company isn’t using – and actively engaged on – social media, check out this WEB ROI infographic on what it’s leaving on the table.

Not using social media infographic

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It’s time. Get your business on social media

Holding out on using social media for your business?

It’s time to change.

A well-thought out and executed social media plan can boost your brand visibility, make you a trusted source of information and yes, bring new business too.

In fact, all your social media efforts and results can be measured.

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We’ll talk about your business, discuss how social media can help it grow and develop a plan to make it happen for you.

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