Budgeting for Your 2017 Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Infographic)

Posted on: 19-12-2016 by WEB-ROI

‘Tis the season for budgeting.

And if you’re a contractor, retail or B2B company, you’re probably hard at work planning for 2017 business expenses.

As you’re filling out your Excel sheet, don’t forget to include a section for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

After all, PPC is the best way to quickly reach your target audience & get them to your website.

Not sure how to budget for pay-per-click?

Check out the latest WEB ROI infographic on questions to answer that’ll help determine how much you should spend.

 PPC Budgeting Infographic

Don’t budget alone. Get the experts on your side

When properly planned and executed, pay-per-click campaigns can be affordable and effective.

You want that.

When done incorrectly, though, they can be nothing more than an expensive and time-consuming headache.

You don’t want that.

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We’ll get together, discuss your business goals (step 1 in this infographic) and determine how PPC can help you meet – or better yet, exceed them.

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