Our Award-Winning Evening

award winning web designWe showed up to the Landscape Ontario 2015 Awards of Excellence Gala with our shockingly attractive smiles and a few jokes sneakily written on our palms in case we ran out of things to say. We left with faces aching from 3 and a half hours of genuine beaming and arms full of web design awards.

A night of good times

A Canadian, a German and an Italian walk into a bar. The German says… Well, we forget the punch line. But it doesn’t matter. There was plenty to talk about when our clients started to tear up the Awards of Excellence category for Best Website. We never had to resort to cheesy groaners.

By the end of the night, we celebrated website awards with…

We’re both proud and honoured to be recognized alongside our clients by the largest horticultural organization on the planet. It’s a great way to start 2015 and we hope it’s the first sign of amazing things to come this year.

If you want to see some amazing things happen for your business in 2015, call us to talk about how we can improve your web presence and put you in front of lots of new clients.