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Website ROI in a COVID-19 World


In a world dominated by COVID-19, how do you navigate all the resources that are available to you. From sources telling you how productive you should be at this time to sources describing what you can do to improve your business, which source is providing valuable information? This blog dives deeper into resources that can help you and your business thrive during this time.

Why You Should Ignore the Pressure to be Productive

A slew of feelings; such as panic, grief, and anxiety, ensued upon us as COVID-19 was classified as a pandemic. Some of us may have felt anxiety about our careers and home life, others may have felt grief about the loss of freedom, and panic may have risen for your family’s safety.

As our work moved from the office to our homes, we started to see social media content filling us with a pressure to be productive. We’re at home now, there is no commute so that’s not an excuse. After all, the greats like Shakespeare wrote King Lear when they were in quarantine. Thusly, we can achieve that level of productivity as well during our self-isolation period.

The productivity pressure may be adding to the other negative feelings that you are experiencing. The Chronicle of Higher Education outlines why you should ignore the productivity pressure and take the time to understand the stages of adjustment during a crisis. Once you do, you will find that you can be productive, but you must give yourself some time. They have outlined three stages that we must go through before we start to be productive during a crisis.

Security Stage

The first stage is the Security Stage. Currently, we are all adjusting to the news and our new way of life. You may be feeling disoriented, lost and anxious. Now is not the time to worry about your productivity levels, you need to take the time to adjust to your new way of life and find ways to create joy and peace in your life. Focus on things like food, keeping social connections with friends and family, and fitness.

Mental Shift

The second stage is classified as the Mental Shift. When we are in the mental shift stage a sense of security sets in. We start to adjust to our new life and start to crave more demanding challenges. Our brain is resetting to the new crisis conditions.

Embrace a New Normal

The last stage is Embrace A New Normal. We are on the other side of the shift. We have grieved our old way of life and we have begun to embrace our new normal. We can begin to be more creative and productive, and with this we start to feel normal again.

Don’t fret if you are not at the productive stage yet. You will get there just give yourself some time to adjust.

Should You Reduce Your Digital Marketing due to COVID-19.

Last week, we posted some videos and a blog about why you shouldn’t stop your digital marketing efforts. We take the time to further discuss why digital marketing is an asset during this time, and where to shift your attention to better reach your clients.

As discussed last week there are industries that are seeing a large shift in their online traffic. Essential services are flourishing, along with other products and services that can help make this time easier. Non-essential products and services have seen a reduction in their online traffic but don’t worry, take this time to develop other areas of your business. We dive deeper into the next steps for your business.

Block IP Addresses  

Website traffic is going to be skewed at this time. As your employees work from home, new IP addresses are going to be visiting your website. Thusly, your “internal traffic is not internal”. Take the time to block your employees home IP addresses and add annotations to your Google Analytics Account. This ensures that the traffic you are seeing is accurate.

Modify Ad Spend

If your company offers products and services that are essential up your ad spend so you appear at the top of a potential client’s search.  If you choose to up your ad spend, keep a close eye on your return on ad spend to ensure that you are spending money appropriately.

If your products or services are non-essential, reduce your ad spend at this time. If your product or service is not a top priority you can reduce ad spend and focus on other areas of the business. Such as creating organic growth.

Use Manual Bidding

This time is uncertain, don’t simply rely on the automated times of before. Using manual bidding can help your business use ad spend appropriately. Reevaluate your max cost-per-click, shift your budget, change your bids and tweak campaigns daily. Adjust, adapt and prosper by using manual bidding.

Maximize Email

Maximize the use of email marketing. Email is cheap and effective. Use it to update clients on your hours of operation and COVID-19 practices. A brand that provides value and instills trust into their clients will be creating a loyal following of clients that will pay dividends during more certain times.

No Hard Selling

Even though your business is a non-essential product or service now is not the time to be hard selling or promoting COVID-19 sales. Clients don’t want to be pushed into purchasing unnecessary products, they want to be assured that you as a brand are there for them. Now is the time to work on improving your business, creating brand awareness and working on your organic search results.

Continue SEO and Content Marketing

As we mentioned last week, now is the time to work on your business. Continue to update your content marketing and continuously optimize keywords. Search demand will return to normal; you want to keep your rankings high, so you can drive organic traffic once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Business

Different industries are experiencing varying levels of traffic. Last week we focused on a high-level overview of what is happening in different industries. Today we are taking a closer look at which industries are up, down and those industries that are in between. Yelp has collected web traffic from March 1 to 22.

Food & Drink

As anticipated the food & drink industry as seen an increase in consumers sourcing food from local sources and farms. With everyone at home, and small businesses feeling the largest impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are looking to support their local community. When you support local, you are supporting your neighbours.

Community supported agriculture, imported food stores and takeout or delivery is seeing increases in business (167%, 172% and 53% respectively). At the other end, dining options that encourage bringing people together; such as buffets and food courts, breweries, French restaurants and coffee roasteries are down (32%, 57%, 45% and 43% respectively).


With people spending all their time at home, they need to find creative ways to get active. Activities that follow the governmental guidelines of social distancing has seen an increase in traffic. Fitness and exercise equipment, hiking and mountain biking have seen an increase of 162%, 135% and 119% respectively.

Other sources of entertainment such as videos and video game rentals are up by 41%.

Activities that encourage mass gatherings has seen a decrease in traffic such as personal trainers, yoga, amusement parks and flea markets (51%, 51%, 44% and 35% respectively).


With the new government regulations, and tax season being extended there was a decrease of 26% in tax services, and a decrease of 22% for mortgage lenders.

COVID-19 has surely caused financial strain on us all, on the other end check cashing and pay day loans as gone up by 37%.

Google Ad Credits

Google has pledged $340 million in Google Ad credits to help support small and medium sized business. These ad credits can be used by “eligible advertisers” and can be used throughout 2020 across Google’s ecosystem (search, display and YouTube). To be eligible you must have had an active Google Ads account since January 1st of 2019.

The details of Google Ad credits are still unknown such as; how much a typical business will receive, breadth of coverage and when these credits come into effect. Stay tuned for more information.

Limited Google My Business Functionality

As we all try to follow social distancing rules, Google has also announced measures that will reduce the number of people in their offices. As Google employees start to work from home, there will be temporary limitations and delays in their support.

What to expect from Google

  • Google will focus on the quality and reliability of information in Google Search and Maps
  • Priority is given to health-related businesses
  • Prioritize updates on hours, temporary closures, business descriptions and business attributes
  • Expect delays for non-critical edits

What to Do with The Kids

Since many of us have more time on our hands and may be struggling with keeping the family engaged. Or perhaps even want to connect and hang out with loved ones that can’t be in the same home with us. There are many resources available online to help you stay connected., such as online games. Tabletopia is an online gaming resource that allows you to play games remotely on your phone.


Helping Your Business Thrive Through Uncertainty

During this uncertain and tumultuous time, we are all experiencing some form of anxiety. As a small business owner, you may feel that pressure immensely. You may be wondering where the silver lining can be found in this situation. As a small business owner, I have also asked this question.

There are resources available to business owners that can help you navigate the situation at hand. I will be sharing some of these resources and how they can benefit your business. I am confident that as we weather this storm together and take the necessary steps to protect our business, we will be able to come out the other side with an opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Google: COVID-19 Information & Resources

Google has developed a website that provides resources for business and individuals as they navigate this uncertain time. Google’s website provides educational resources, prevention tips and local resources.

Google’s website is divided into several sections that allows a user to easily navigate to the information that they require. These sections are as follows:

  • Health information
  • Safety and prevention tips
  • Data and insights
  • Resources (educational and local)
  • Links to donate to relief efforts
  • Latest news from Google’s blog

Accessing Google’s COVID-19 updates is as easy as searching Google’s COVID-19 website in Google.

Google Search Trends

As people are self-isolating and working from home, you can expect that search trends for e-commerce websites are increasing. This unique situation presents an opportunity for growth into the e-commerce space.

Amazon is the 5th most searched term in the US; according to ABC News. If you can sell a product that people will need (i.e. bedding, furniture etc.), or are willing to spend money on (i.e. convenience products) right now. This your opportunity to expand.

Business Resources from Scaling Up

As a small business owner, I have read many sources of knowledge that have helped me in my business ventures. One of the resources that I have used throughout my 14 years in business is “Scaling Up” from author Verne Harnish and his team.

The team at Scaling up have outlined sources that will be useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. As you learn to navigate this new world consider reading up on these resources:

Leading During A Crisis

As a business owner, you are at the forefront of the company, the way you react to this crisis will ultimately affect your business and employees. You can take this opportunity to learn better ways to lead your team and prosper your business.

Remote Working

Providing your employees with all the resources necessary to make the transition from an office to working remotely is key to ensuring there is no disruption in the quality of your service. Implementing work from home strategies will put your business in the correct position for prosperity during this time.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are essential during this time and there are tools at your disposal to make them better. Not only do virtual meetings connect you to your clients, they can also connect you to your employees. Daily meetings can help you connect easily with your employees, providing them with necessary information, while also keeping up office culture.

Support for Businesses

The Canadian government has provided small businesses with resources to help them navigate this difficult time. Take advantage of these resources at your disposal, they can help you stay afloat during this time.

The Government of Canada website outlines resources available to Canadian businesses; such as supports in place for employees and businesses. The Business Development Bank of Canada has outlines resources available for entrepreneurs such as the Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP).

Ultimately, you want to use all the tools available, to propel your business forward. Constantly learning and willingly shifting the direction of your business will put you in a better position at the end of this crisis.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Google Ads

With everyone at home; self-isolating, there is going to be an increase in the search volume for certain keywords. There are 7 industries; according to WordStream, that are benefiting from everyone moving into an online world.  The 7 industries are as follows:

  • Non-profits and charities
  • Health and medical
  • Business management
    • Remote working (office supplies)
    • Packing and shipping supplies
  • Finance
  • Beauty and personal care
  • On-demand media
  • Greetings, gifts and flowers

These 7 industries can take the opportunity to expand on their products and services online.

Other Industries that COVID-19 Has Impacted

Home improvement search volume is generally low in March, but the longer we stay indoors, the more likely we are to see flaws in our home and determine what is necessary to make the home more enjoyable. This can eventually cause a surge in home improvement searches. Take this time to improve your website, make it user friendly so when potential clients do come searching for home improvement ideas, they turn to you.

Home furniture is also seeing a surge in search volume. As people are indoors, they want to ensure their home is as comfortable as possible. This may be a great opportunity to develop an e-commerce website.

As people have more free time on their hands, they will also want to take the opportunity to learn. E-learning and training has seen an increase of 8-10%. If you are in the education industry take this time to ramp up your online courses and training programs.

What about the Rest of Us?

Other industries should not fret, take this time to work on your business. Work on your processes (i.e. efficiency, training etc.), online presence and customer service. Use this time to do research on your clients and what they may need now and in the future.  When we all come out of this, we will be in a better position to meet the needs of our clients.

SEO Concept

Should You Consider Stopping SEO?

As a digital marketing firm that provides SEO Services, we have received this question from many of our clients. The answer is no. SEO is not something that you can turn on and off at a whim. Being able to rank high on google depends on the continuous optimization of your website and content.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not stop your SEO:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) can produce cash
    • SEM reaches the consumer when they are in need, therefore you can get leads
  • Search is measurable
    • You can easily see, where you are ranking in relation to other keywords
  • When there is scarcity, people search
    • People will search for the products and services that they need, use SEO to rank high
  • People still need products and services
    • Regardless of our situation we all need products and services
  • Things will get back to Normal
    • SEO is the easiest way to reach consumers regardless of their situation

You want to take this opportunity to increase your keyword research, so that you are in a better position at the end of this. Take this opportunity to create a campaign that will benefit you for years to come. At the end of this crisis, when people are searching for contemporary landscaping ideas, you want to show up as number one, and this can only be achieved by continuous optimization.

Updating Your Google My Business Page

As a business owner you may be wondering how you can communicate with your clients. This is when a resource like Google My Business comes in handy.

Using Google My Business correctly, will be an excellent source of information for your clients and potential clients, as it will be the first source of information that a client sees. Therefore, you want to keep this updated with all pertinent information.

Here are a few ways that you can use Google My Business to keep your clients informed.

  • Update your business hours accordingly
    • Updated your business hours as necessary.
  • Update business description
    • Take this opportunity to share with your clients what you are doing during this time.
    • Inform clients of any precautions that you will implementing, changes to hours or locations of your services
  • Create a post
    • Create a post as a way of sharing more detailed information.
    • Will your employees be working from home, but they will still have access to phones and computers? Let your clients know that you can still be reached. If you can help in any way, do so.
    • Create a pop up on your website that directs people to a longer blog that informs clients about the steps that you are taking. Your Google My Business post can be linked to this blog so clients can get detailed information about what you are doing in the click of a button.
  • Update contact information
    • Update all contact information; including phone numbers and emails. This ensures that all clients can reach you.

Constantly communicate with your clients, using all the resources available to you to inform your clients of your products and services, hour changes, precautions the list goes on. All updated information will show up on your business profile when clients search for you. This will put your business in a better position as we emerge on the other end of this crisis.

Lightbulbs ith help, support, assistance and guidance

We Are Here to Help!

If you need help setting up your Google My Business, we are here to help! Contact us at, and we would be happy to help you set up your Google My Business, free of charge.

After all we are all in this together. When we help other small businesses, we all succeed.



Jason’s Tips: Protecting your Business from the COVID-19 Fallout


There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety as we navigate the impending threat of COVID-19. You must be wondering; how can you protect your business from the economic downturn we are currently experiencing? 

Like you, I own a small business. I’m keeping an eye on everything that is happening and thinking forward about how to mitigate this situation in my business. Now, I’m not an expert, but I’m finding some resources that can help my business and my goal in the coming weeks is to be sharing some resources I’ve found and hopefully they will help you navigate this environment, instead of my typical weekly website ROI tips. I am confident that those of us who weather this storm and come out on the other side will be facing a tremendous opportunity for growth and prosperity, however first, we must get through this together. 

Here are a few resources I found today: 

  • 3 Ways to Safeguard Your Business as Coronavirus Spreads
    • Economists are already predicting a recession over the next 2 quarters.  Although as things unfold, it seems that it could actually drag on longer than that. 
    • You have to take measures to protect your upstream of products, as well as assisting your downstream of customers who buy from you. 

Remember that although people are distracted right now, they will return to a new normal.  We don’t know what that looks like exactly right now, but people still need things and they will buy necessities at least.  If you sell products or services that are not necessities, how can you shift to fill a need and create revenue opportunities.  Now is the time to think outside the box. 

To your success! 


COVID-19 Community Resources and Updates: Milton and Halton Region

Lady Washing Hands

The word “pandemic” carries some serious implications. 3 months ago, as we were celebrating the holidays with our family and friends, we had no idea we would be ‘social distancing’ in March. These are strange times we live in, and different people have different responses. You may feel scared, stressed out, exhausted, stretched thin, confused, or if you happen to be a little one who just found out their March Break got extended by 2 additional weeks, you may be pretty happy. All these emotions are entirely normal. 

We at WEB ROI are experiencing similar feelings. We are fortunate enough to work in an industry that allows all of us to work remotely without changing the quality or speed of our work. To help you navigate this difficult and tumultuous time, we have put together a list of important resources. Keep checking back frequently as we will update this blog as we learn more. 

Updated  March 18th, 2020

Milton Resources: 

The town of Milton has a dedicated web page for COVID-19 updates. Here are some important updates: 

  • As of March 17, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Milton. The risk of contracting COVID-19 remains low in Milton and Halton Region. 
  • Effective March 14, all Town of Milton recreation, culture and library facilities are closed, and programs are cancelled, until April 5. 
  • Town Hall and the Milton Education Village Innovation Centre remain open and Milton Transit will continue to provide service at this time. 
  • Some important tips to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses: 
    • Stay home when ill 
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve 
    • Wash your hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand rub 
    • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces 
    • Contact Halton Region Public Health by calling 311, 905-825-6000 or toll free at 1-866-442-5866 if you have a fever or cough or breathing difficulty 

Halton Region Resources 

Halton Region also has resources available to keep track of the virus in the region, and other community updates that are important to be aware of. Here are some important notices:  

  • Halton Region has only 4 cases of COVID-19 as of March 18.  
  • The Halton District School Board has suspended all classes and schools from March 14 to April 5. 
  • The Halton Catholic District School Board has suspended all classes and schools from March 14 to April 5. 
  • Halton Region Public Health is focusing on those most at risk of COVID-19. Our current priority is to hear from:
    • Health care providers who are seeking or reporting information 
    • Residents who have traveled to Hubei province (China), Iran or Italy 
    • Residents who have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. 
  • Halton Region is asking anyone who has traveled outside of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days upon return.

Man Playing with Dog

Oakville Resources: 

The town of Oakville has similar resources to help citizens know about their updates on CORVID-19. Here are some of the most important updates: 

  • Effective March 16, all town facilities, including Town Hall, are closed to the public.  
  • All recreation and culture registered programs, drop-in programs, services, events and rentals are cancelled effective March 13 at 6 p.m. until April 5. 
  • Oakville Transit services have not been impacted and continue to run as scheduled. 

Burlington Resources:  

The city of Burlington has a web page dedicated to Corona Virus updates. Here are some of the highlights of their most important information:  

  • To protect the public and City staff and to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 virus, all City facilities including City Hall will be closed to public access effective Monday, March 16 to Sunday, April 5. 
  • A rapid response team has been created at the City that includes staff from across the organization. The Team’s purpose is to review the latest information received from provincial, regional and public health sources and advise on appropriate actions needed related to City activities. 
  • The City continues to investigate technology and best practices for cleaning and disinfecting. 

 Hamilton Resources: 

If the city of Hamilton is your home, you also have a dedicated page where you can find updates on CORVID-19. Here are some of the stand-out updates:  

  • Hamilton has two COVID-19 Assessment Centres that are now open.  
    • These clinics will assess whether people need more medical care and/or testing for COVID-19 based on symptoms (cough or fever), travel history and/or exposure to known cases. 
  • There are 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hamilton as of March 18.  
  • All schools in Hamilton are closed until April 5.  
  • Most University and College courses have been cancelled or moved to an online setting. 

Mississauga Resources: 

The city of Mississauga has put together a list of the ways in which it is dealing with COVID-19. See updates from the city of Mississauga here:  

  • Starting Saturday, March 14 through to April 5, all of the following facilities are closed to the public, and the programs and activities at these locations are cancelled. 
    • Active living centres, Arenas (including Vic Johnston Arena), Community centres, Fitness centres, Indoor pools, Libraries, Living Arts Centre, Meadowvale Theatre, Mississauga Provincial Offences Court, Mississauga Seniors’ Centre, Museums (Benares and Bradley), Outdoor rinks (Burnhamthorpe, Celebration Square, Woodhurst), Paramount Fine Foods Centre, Riverwood Convervancy, and the Small Arms Inspection Building. 
  • Peel Public Health has recommended that bars, restaurants and food establishments stop in-person service, and move exclusively to take-out. 
  • Peel Public health also recommends the closure of nightclubs, movie theaters and concert venues as soon as possible.  

Women watching tv

Major Telecoms: 

Major Canadian telecoms are doing their part to help their customers get through this difficult time. Whether you have home internet or wireless services, there may be some help available for you and your family:  


  • Until the end of April the following changes will apply: 
    • Waiving home internet overage charges for customers who are not on unlimited data plans 
    • Waiving all Easy Roam® and pay-per-use roaming charges for postpaid Mobility customers that are stranded anywhere outside of North America, the Caribbean, and Central America and who are unable to return to Canada. 
    • Additionally, we’ll support our customers facing financial challenges because of COVID-19 by providing them with flexible payment options. We don’t want anyone to worry about not being able to pay their bill on time if they have been financially affected by the crisis. 


  • Updates for Bell customers are as follows:
    • Canadians working from home because of COVID-19, we will be waiving extra usage fees for all residential Internet customers until April 30th. This will be applied automatically. No action is required by our customers.  


  • Updates for Rogers Customers:
  • Wireless Services 
    • Waiving long distance charges for wireless and wireless home phone consumers and small businesses for calls to anywhere in Canada until April 30. 
    • Waiving Roam Like Home and all pay-per-use roaming fees in all countries where we offer roaming for all postpaid consumers and small businesses travelling outside of Canada between March 16th and April 30th 2020. 
    • We will also be ensuring that services will not be suspended or disconnected for any customers experiencing financial difficulties over the next 90 days. In addition, we will support our customers facing financial uncertainty because of COVID-19 with more flexible payment options. 
  • Residential services 
    • Waiving data overage fees for home internet usage until May 31, 2020. 
    • All Rogers digital TV and Ignite TV customers will automatically have free access to some of our popular channels from March 16 to April 30 

What We are Doing for Our Clients:  

As a business owner you may be wondering what you can do for your clients. This is when marketing comes in. You want to keep your clients informed of the situation at hand, and what you as a business are doing during this challenging time. First and foremost, you want to keep your clients updated on all information related to your business.  

Here are a few things that you can do to keep your clients informed and at ease.  

  • Change your business hours accordingly
    • Update your business hours as necessary.  
  • Manage information  
    • Share information on what you will be doing during this time. Inform clients of any precautions you will be implementing, services you will be providing, or simply changes to hours and locations.  
  • Create a post  
    • Share more detailed information in a post. Will you be working from home, but still have access to phones and computers? Let your clients know, that you can still be reached for any of your client’s needs. If you can help in any way, do so.  
    • If your showroom is still open, we can create a pop up on your website to let your clients know about the steps you are taking to ensure their safety. We can also write a longer blog about what you are doing, and create a notice banner that links to the blog. If you are in constant contact with your clients, sending out an email blast is another option.
  • Update Contact Information  
    • Update all your contact information including your phone numbers and emails, ensuring that clients can reach you.  

Constantly communicate with your clients, use all resources available to you to inform your clients of your products and services, hour changes, precautions, you name it. All updated information will show up on your Business Profile when potential clients search for. Doing so will put your business in a better position when we emerge on the other end of this difficult time.   

Women as tourist

Government Resources 

In addition to the resources available for your local city or town, there are governmental resources available. These resources are constantly being updated and can provide you with direction and insight into what is going in Ontario, Canada and the rest of the World.  

The three governmental resources that are available are:  

If we can impart any wisdom, we encourage you to remain calm, stay safe, and be kind. It is easy to forget that everyone is going through this together, and we are all experiencing it in different ways. We will, however, get through this together.  


Jason’s Tips: Connecting Customers to Your Website

Abstract Concept of computers and Support

When you are first introduced to a new prospective customer, what do you do? Is there a first meeting? What do you call that meeting? What do they get out of it? What happens next? And then what?

Your website is a tool. But like many tools, it doesn’t work if it’s not plugged in. That sounds weird, but what I mean is you need to plug your website into your business and sales process. Engage visitors to your website as though you would engage any brand new prospective customer who doesn’t really know exactly what you do or how you can help them.

Use your website to help people learn how you work with customers, what are the steps and processes and what the outcomes will be.

I hope this is a helpful tip. If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.


Jason’s Tips: Is Your Website Secure?

Internet Security

In July 2018 Google”s Chrome browser began marking non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”. Why is that a problem? Well, for one, it will affect how your website ranks on Google. It will also influence how visitors perceive your business. Who wants to do business with a company that is not secure?

If you haven’t taken the steps to ensure your website is secure, all you need to do is contact your web host and ask them to add a secure hosting HTTPS to your hosting account. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but I assure you it is a big enough deal, especially if you are hoping to generate more high quality leads and revenue from your website.

Want to learn more? Join us at our upcoming Executive Round Table to find out how to make this your best year in business!

I hope this is a helpful tip for you. If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.


The History of Marketing

Women Making Clothes

Marketing is everywhere today. It completely inundates our daily lives. To fully understand what marketing is today, its importance and why commerce relies so heavily on it, we must back up and look at where it came from. It may sound boring, but we learn some of our most valuable lessons from our history. Let’s discuss the evolution of marketing.

The Trade Orientation Era

The origin of marketing follows commerce and trade. Way before any of us were born in the 18th Century, modern luxuries were not available. The only commerce that took place was for the necessities – food, clothing, shelter and medicines. Many people in this time did not even have money to trade with. At this time, trade was completed by the barter system of goods. You might give your neighbour a carton of eggs, in return for blankets they had knit.

The Industrial Revolution

Closer to the end of the 18th Century and into the 19th century, there was a shift in technology. Not technology in the way we are familiar today, but rather innovation for production methods. This time was a period of very rapid social change, which was driven largely by innovations in science and engineering. A consequence of these shifts is that for the first time in history, the production of goods was separated from consumption. Producers now made not only what was immediately needed but also produced goods for future demand. Mass production lead to the development of a transportation infrastructure and caused producers to develop more sophisticated methods of distributing their goods. At this time people began moving into industrialized cities for jobs and away from their farms. These workers began to earn a wage that they could spend on necessities.

The Production Orientation Era

For the majority of the industrial revolution, produced goods were still fairly scarce because they were being purchased at a rate greater than producers could keep up with. For this reason, the focus of the producers was on production and distribution at the lowest cost for them in order to widen their profit margins. Marketing management appeared in its first form here as issues with reducing production and distribution costs, opening new markets were also considered.

The Sales Orientation Era

From the beginning of the 20th century, to the time just after the end of the Second World War, competition grew amongst producers. After the wars began, production was even more important. Women were hired to work in factories to ensure production continued to flow smoothly. After WWII the concept of marketing and reducing costs shifted to the idea of selling due to increased competition. Communications, advertising and branding started to become more important because producers needed to sell more in a market space that was becoming more and more crowded. Marketing at this time was still largely a part of production, but focused on distribution, communication and persuading consumers that your product(s) were better than that of your competitors.

Man looking at Chalkboard

From around the 1960s many markets became saturated with the number of producers making similar products. This meant that competition for consumers attention grew exponentially. Marketers are involved at a strategic level within the organization and therefore inform an organization about what should be produced, where it should be sold, how much should be charged for it and how it should be communicated to consumers (4 P’s of Marketing). Modern marketers began to research markets and their consumers more closely. As technology grew and evolved, so did marketing. Welcome the age of inbound marketing. The digital age has ushered in a new wave of marketing utilizing technology like never before.

Marketing Flow Chart

Now that you know marketing history and evolution, stay tuned to find out how marketing shifted into the modern form of digital marketing that we deal with every day. If you are looking for the best full-service marketing team you can find, contact the experts at WEB ROI.


Jason’s Tips: Make Changes to See Changes

Book about Content

Have you visited or even looked at your website within the past week, month, or year? If not, the chances are nor have many of your potential customers, nor Google!

Things that are forgotten and ignored, are forgotten and ignored. What I mean by that is that if you don’t pay attention and update your website frequently there is nothing to attract your target audience and Google will practically ignore your website. Google loves fresh content. The more often you change something on your website, the more often Google will crawl through the website to find new information.

You may not know how Google works. All the links you see on Google are not actually your website; they are copies of pages Google found on your website. So when you add new content, Google’s robots go to your website and update all the copies of pages so they are serving up to date information in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can therefore, train Google to come back more often by making regular changes, adding content and images, blogging, etc. And then Google will reward you by visiting more often, plus you’ll get points for freshness and relevance and you’ll rank better in the SERPs!

I hope this is a helpful tip for you Caleb. If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.


Jason’s Tips: Tracking Your WEB ROI

return on investment

At least half of your marketing efforts are wasted! Do know which half?

The biggest challenge marketers have always faced is tracking and measuring results. But with digital/internet marketing, the metrics are unprecedented and improving almost daily!

Here are just a few of the metrics available, which we provide to our clients to help them track their WEB ROI:

  • Lead forms & purchases – by source, landing page, even specific keywords, geographic location etc.
  • Phone calls from the website
  • Downloads – did someone download a valuable piece of info from your site?
  • Live Chats
  • Pages viewed – which pages are drawing interest, which are converting leads?
  • Time on site – how engaged are your visitors?
  • Sales by customer – if you use advanced CRM software you can track revenue dollars by lead source and actually know dollar for dollar what your ROI is for each lead source
  • Traffic volume and source – know how well your Google search or display advertising is working, how your SEO traffic is growing, and how your social media is performing

How would it change your business if you could more effectively measure your marketing results? Maybe it would even help you make important business decisions.

I hope this is a helpful tip for you. If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.


Jason’s Tips: How to Get Quality Leads

Star Quality

Is one of your online marketing goals to get leads from your website? Most business owners would say yes. But I’ve talked to a lot of business owners who say that many, maybe even most of their leads are not well qualified, looking for the cheapest option, or are really just kicking tires.

How can you use your website better to qualify leads before they come to you? There are 2 points I want to make, briefly. I could go on and would be happy to discuss these ideas personally with you but here is a summary.

  1. If your website is well designed it will differentiate you from your competitors. Simply if you aren’t the cheapest option and don’t want to attract people looking for cheap options, don’t look cheap. Show your quality, set yourself apart, use content and images that will represent the value you provide and the quality that your customers can expect from you.
  2. Qualify your visitors with form fields. Users don’t want to work to get information and they don’t want to give up information, unless they are serious. So by asking more qualifying questions on your web forms you will filter out the less serious prospects. This can be accomplished on your initial inquiry form or by having a secondary form or survey for people to complete before a sales representative connects with them.

If you’d like to have a quick intro call to see if we can help you with your online marketing needs, here’s a link to my calendar to schedule a 15 min call.