If You Aren’t Doing Local SEO Like This, You’re Missing a Huge Opportunity

Every local business can grow and make more money with local search engine optimization.

local search engine optimization

Local SEO is a super targeted digital marketing strategy focused on connecting your business with consumers in your immediate area.

John Johnson (and Steve Stephenson, and Jennifer Jenson, and other reduplicant names – oh yes, that’s a word) will almost always purchase his new patio furniture from the nearby local retailer over the not-so-nearby box store if he can find the local retailer online.

You have to be found online to expand your business, and local SEO gets your business found.

50% of consumers visit a store within a day of conducting a local search on their smartphone, and 34% visit after searching on their computer or tablet.

That’s a lot of imminent business you can get in on, if you do it right.

What IS local SEO?

Local SEO is the business! THE business!

It’s an octopus strategy. You send your tentacles out in a whole bunch of directions and bring the food or, in your case, qualified leads back to your mouth…err…showroom.

  • You use a variety of strategies to get your site ranked on Google.
  • You make your business visible on business directories like Yelp or other niche directories.
  • You build a detailed Google My Business listing.
  • You create compelling content with local keywords throughout your website.
  • You provide easy access for customer reviews.

And you get your business in front of nearby consumers looking to make a purchase right now.

According to stats from Google, 18% of all local mobile searches lead to a sale within a single day. BAM! That’s immediate impact.

Local consumers act on local searches, but the majority of businesses miss out on one of the most powerful local search marketing tools.

local SEO

We could rant about this.

So we will.

Only 44% of businesses claim their Google My Business local listing.

What the heck!?!?

It’s free and it ensures you appear high in local search results on Google.

It takes a little time to set up and require a few good pictures, but nurturing a profitable business takes time.

So why are so many businesses skipping this free, powerful tool? They just don’t get it. But we just don’t get why they don’t get it. And if you don’t get it, we hope you get it now.

Google My Business creates an immediate feeling of trust in local consumers. They connect more personally with your business and are more likely to visit you than your competitor.

Online directories may seem old-school, but sometimes the old way is the best.

Online directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Homeadvisor or even discount directories like Groupon and similar have insanely high conversion rates; some are as high as 50%. Getting your business listed on as many quality directories as possible will bring you quality leads.

Take a look at how local SEO and other efforts impacted these businesses.

Talk about how you’re local.

local business seo

Competition for valuable keywords is fierce, but your business can get an edge by beefing up the keywords on your website with local words and phrases.

Instead of targeting “new hot tubs” as a keyword, target “new hot tubs in Oakville,” or “new hot tubs in XXX suburb of Oakville XXX.

Supplement these targeted keywords with content focused on Oakville itself, unrelated to your business. Blogs about events on Oakville, interesting communities in Oakville, what makes Oakville a desirable place to live, etc…

Google will pick up on local phrasing and place your website in search results accordingly.

You should also use social media to connect with your community. Posting about local events, sharing pictures of your business and employees, and generally connecting on social media makes your business more appealing.

This infographic is a great rundown of social media for your business.

Like stats? Read this. And if you don’t like stats, read this anyway. It impacts your business.

According to Google’s most recent research, 30% of all searches conducted on a mobile device are related to a location.

If your service area includes 100,000 people and a conservative quarter of that population makes a single local search in a day, that’s 7,500 local searches every day.

Of those 7,500 local searches, 78% result in offline purchases.

In your town of 100,000 consumers, almost 6,000 purchases are made every day because of a local search (and that’s a very conservative estimate).

That’s 42,000 purchases a week!

Yes, it’s a bunch of clunky math, but your neighbours are out there looking for stuff to buy, and they’ll buy from you if they find you.

Learn more, get clarity and snag those local customers.

Our free webinar for June can teach you about all this local stuff and more.

Register here and listen in for insights and tips courtesy of Denise Gervais, our digital marketing expert.

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The webinar happens Thursday, June 29 from 12:00 to 12:30pm, EST. It’s a half hour you don’t want to miss.

Local SEO can deliver massive results for your business, as long as you do it right.

Are you?

Give us a call to talk about your local SEO aspirations and see if we can help grow your business by 30% this year.


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