5 Signs You’re Ready to Boost Your SEO Budget

5 Signs

Each month, you spend the same on search engine optimization. And each month, you (more or less) see the same results.

But lately, your SEO program isn’t growing as it once did:

  • Big traffic numbers have taken a hit
  • Conversions are down
  • You’ve dropped a few spots in the Google search results

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your mojo.

On the contrary, it could mean that your current budget has done all that it can for you (especially if you’ve noticed any of these 5 signs).

Sign 1: You’ve achieved positive results


Your current SEO budget is delivering good news, such as:

  • More organic traffic
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher keyword rankings

That’s awesome. And you love sharing those positive performance reports with your manager.

But you know that your SEO momentum will stall if you keep doing the same thing (or spending the same amount).

You’ve reached your foundational goals. Your boss is happy. Boosting budget allows you to set bigger, better, and more rewarding SEO targets.

Sign 2: Your program has hit a wall

Your consistent SEO growth has now plateaued a bit. It’s not improving, but it’s not getting worse either.

It’s spinning its wheels and getting you nowhere.

That doesn’t mean you’ve done anything “wrong” – actually, it’s the opposite: You’ve pretty much maximized all you can get from your budget.

Good stuff. It’s also a sign that it’s time to increase your spending.

If your budget stays the same, and your competitors increase theirs, they’ll surpass you. Pretty soon, a page 1 ranking could become page 2. And that will definitely, incredibly suck.

Sign 3: You’ve exhausted every free option possible

Free SEO

In addition to watching your SEO budget like a hawk, you scour and take advantage of free options like:

Free is good. But attracting new customers is your ultimate goal.

Using free tactics is a great way to enhance your campaign, but it can’t sustain it over the long term.

Use free strategies to boost your SEO campaign. When they stop yielding results, that’s a good sign your budget needs to increase.

Sign 4: You’re overworked

SEO is incredibly important. You know it. Your boss knows it. Everyone knows it.


But you have other marketing responsibilities too:

If you’re spending all your time (even weekends) on SEO and not enough on other aspects, you’re going to fall down a rabbit hole of frustration and fatigue.

That’s not good for anyone; especially you.

Boosting your SEO budget also means outsourcing to an agency (ideal if you have good results so far) or hiring an assistant.

Sign 5: You already know how you’d spend the extra money

DO NOT ask for an increase in budget until you’re prepared to explain how you’d spend it.

Research your opportunities, such as:

  • Producing high value content (videos, case studies, etc.)
  • Hiring an agency to handle the workload
  • Redesigning your current website
  • Enhancing your local SEO tactics

Afterwards, put all that information in a cool, easy-to-understand manner. Your manager will appreciate that.

Be proactive. Think of all the questions people may ask about this request. This shows you’ve done your homework and that you care about the results, not just the dollars and cents.

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